CoDominium Armed Forces

CoDominium Armed Forces

The CoDominium Space Navy and Marines is a fictional organization in the Falkenberg's Legions series. Also known as the Fleet, it serves as the military arm of the CoDominium. In the alternate timeline of Jerry Pournelle's future history, the CoDominium Armed Forces were formed near the end of the 20th Century with the creation of the CoDominium (CD).

Although created to enforce the law of the CoDominium, the personnel of the Fleet believe they only really exist to impart some order. Another reason is to acquire time for humanity to leave Earth before the CD collapses. Anyone of any nationality can sign up with the CD armed forces. However, the Fleet's personnel are loyal only to the Fleet, not to their home nations or to the CoDominium government. The CD is corrupt and decaying, so the military has no reason to be loyal to the alliance. However, the Fleet is honest and does provides hope, so as a result, an esprit de corps developed within the armed forces. Despite this, only Soviets or Americans were chosen to be Flag Officers and Ship's Captains. Interestingly, the Fleet has no regulations against drinking. However, there is a rule for not being fit for duty.

The CoDominium Armed Forces consisted of the Navy and the Marines.

The CoDominium Space Navy

Very little information is available about the CoDominium Navy, also referred to as the Fleet. It is known that the CD Navy initially operated survey and exploration vessels that charted new star systems, as well as deportation vessels for the Bureau of Relocation (BuReloc), the CoDominium's deportation agency. BuReloc rounded up "undesirables" in many areas of Earth and deported them to usually hostile worlds, where they were often sold into literal slavery. The Fleet also had an Intelligence component.

By the late CoDominium period, the CD Navy operated vessels capable of engaging in ship-to-ship combat, boarding actions, and orbital assault landings, as well as orbital fire support. Although inferences exist of spaceborne naval actions towards the end of Prince of Sparta, there was no precedent for actions involving numerous smaller warships of destroyer and frigate classes engaging a large warship of cruiser class.

It is known that CD Naval officers were highly valued for their organizational, technical and tactical abilities, and were usually offered generous pay and benefits by CD colony worlds seeking to build their own naval forces.

Because of worldwide hate of the CoDominium, Navy personnel must be watchful. Naval personnel do not wear uniforms while on shore leave on Earth. Wearing one could be fatal. Families of Navy officers live on the Navy's Luna Base--anywhere else would not be safe for them.

The CoDominium Marines

The CD Marines were formed from the French Foreign Legion, Cossack Adventurers, and the Cameron Highlanders, and have maintained many of their traditions. There is conjectural evidence that national Marine Corps' were incorporated later. Over time, other traditions were incorporated: many CD Marine Regiments formed in Western areas adopted bagpipes, while regiments in Soviet-controlled areas adopted Cossack styles of dress and behavior.

The dress uniform of the CD Marines was a bright orange jacket with gold trousers. In the field, CD Marines wore synthleather uniforms, with armored vests and helmets made of Nemourlon, a development from Kevlar armor. Nemourlon was an armor that had to be molded to fit the individual Marine. Only large caliber (7 mm or larger) high-velocity bullets were able to penetrate this armor. CD Marine helmets incorporated radios, light intensification equipment and map projection devices, as well as a gas mask made of a heat-sealing plastic that was permeable only to oxygen particles.

The CD Marines were divided into three distinct branches:


The Fleet Marine units were the elite of the CD Marines. They provided shipboard security detachments and ceremonial guards for CD embassies on CD colony worlds, as well as for the Grand Senate.


These were the "teeth" of the CD Marines' fighting power. Formed directly from the French Foreign Legion, these Marines continued several of that unit's traditions. Based primarily on a regimental system, CD Marine units could be deployed in units as small as company size. Although primarily infantry formations, CD Marine units were usually equipped with various types of artillery pieces, and occasionally tanks and armoured personnel carriers. However, because of the lack of space on military ships, and the general lack of advanced technologies on colony worlds, most Line Marines did not have tanks or advanced transportation. They had to rely on whatever the colony had available, which could just be mules or steamships. Aircraft were rarely used, since precise, inexpensive hand-held anti-aircraft missiles could be used by any opposing infantry. Line Marine units were trained for the traditional infantry missions, but were also trained in helicopter and parachute, orbital assault, and boarding operations.

CD Marine Line units were renowned for their fighting abilities--it was generally accepted that no other unit of like size could stand for very long against them. Occasionally, a provisional unit was formed when no other Line units were available. Such units were of questionable quality, but usually performed in a satisfactory manner; occasionally, their performance was spectacular..


These were "rear-area" units, usually suppressing riots or guarding depots and forts in quiet areas. Usually nearing retirement, these troops were mostly useful only for administrative duties; however, they occasionally formed part of a provisional unit.


The first CD Armed Forces were the CoDominium Armed Services, which was formed in 1996. It was created to enforce the will of the Grand Senate, the governing body of the CoDominium. By 2004, instantaneous interstellar travel was developed, and in 2020, extrasolar colonies had been founded. In that year, the CD Armed Services was replaced and absorbed into a new military force: The CoDominium Space Navy and Marines.

In the waning days of the CoDomimium, nationalist movements began to rise around the world, including in the U.S. and U.S.S.R. To keep America and Russia supporting the alliance, the Grand Senate compromised with the national governments by cutting the budget. As a result, large numbers of Line units were retired intact - that is, the entire unit was mustered out, and they ceased to be an active unit. Such units usually reformed as mercenaries, in whole or in part. One such unit, the 42nd CD Line Marines, became Falkenberg's Mercenary Legion after being disbanded. As a result from these events, mercenary units become a vital part of warfare on several colony worlds.

Following the final deadlocking of the Grand Senate in 2099AD and the collapse of the CoDomimium, the bulk of the Fleet and Marines traveled with their families to the planet Sparta, and swore loyalty to Lysander I, one of the two Spartan Kings. This was followed by the Formation Wars, which resulted in the formation of the Empire of Man.

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