100th Light Infantry Division (Germany)

100th Light Infantry Division (Germany)

The German 100th Light Infantry Division (later reformed as the 100th Jäger Division) was a light infantry division. As such, it was provided with partial horse or motor transport and lighter artillery. Light divisions were reduced in size compared to standard infantry divisions.

Operational history

The 100th Light Infantry Division was deployed in the southern sector of the Eastern Front, the Crimea, the Caucasus, the Carpathian Mountains and the Balkans. The formation was the only German Jäger Division that fought at the Battle of Stalingrad. The 100th Light Infantry Division, along with the 369th Reinforced Croatian Infantry Regiment, was virtually destroyed at Stalingrad.

The 100th Jäger Division was reestablished and fought partisans in the Balkans, Croatia, Albania, and was deployed on coastal protection missions in the Strait of Otranto.

Divisional Make-up

Initially established as the 100. Leichte Infantrie Division, two-thirds of the men in this division were Austrians and one-third Silesians. On the Eastern Front, the 369th Reinforced Croatian Infantry Regiment was attached to the 100th Light Infantry Division to bolster its size.

During the latter stages of the war, the division was composed of members from most of Germany’s geographic areas and a large number of German-speaking Walloons (Belgian/French). Today, 6,000 men are still unaccounted for.

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