Helicopter rescue basket

Helicopter rescue basket

A helicopter rescue basket is a basket carried by a helicopter in order to rescue people from a fire or other disaster site.


There are two types of helicopter baskets. The smaller, more common type is used by rescuers to lift a person up from ground or water into the helicopter.

The second type is a new invention. This is a basket able to fit five people or more. It allows a large group of people to be rescued from a fire or other emergency site, without needing to load them into the helicopter itself. it enables the helicopter to load a large group without landing. the helicopter hovers over the site and rests the basket on the ground or other surface. Evacuees board, then are transported to a safe area.

This type of basket was tested by the Air National Guard in 2006, and were found to be quite functional. Guard personnel tested out a basket which could fit up to 15 people, at the the Air National Guard-Air Force Reserve Command Test Center at Tucson, Ariz. The basket which was tested is known as the Heli-Basket, is 4-and-a-half foot by 8-and-a-half feet, and hangs on a 125-foot cable below an HH-60G Pave Hawk helicopter. it was invented by John Tollenaere, of the company Precision Lift, Inc. [ [http://www.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123016794 Guard tests world’s first multi-person rescue basket] , by Master Sgt. Orville F. Desjarlais Jr., Air Force Print News, 3/1/2006. ]

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*Search and rescue
*Helicopter bucket


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* [http://www.precisionliftinc.com/hb-system.shtml Helicopter basket page] at company website/
* [http://www.precisionliftinc.com Company website]

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