Haddock (disambiguation)

Haddock (disambiguation)

Haddock is a food fish.

It is also:
* USS "Haddock", one of three United States Navy submarines


* Austin Haddock, former name of Austin Mitchell, a British Member of Parliament
* Bradley Haddock, VP, general counsel, and secretary of Koch Chemical Group
* Chris Haddock, a Canadian screenwriter and producer
* Doris Granny D Haddock (Ethel Doris Rollins), a politician and liberal political activist from the U.S. state of New Hampshire
* Frank Channing Haddock an American New Thought and self-help author
* George Haddock, an American Major League Baseball pitcher
* Harry Haddock, a Scottish footballer who spent almost his entire career with Clyde
* Julie Anne Haddock, an American child actress of the 1970s and 80s
* Luis Haddock, a tennis player from Puerto Rico
* Mark Haddock, a Northern Irish Loyalist paramilitary leader and British Special Branch informer
* Nicholas Haddock, an admiral in the British Royal Navy and a Member of Parliament
* Peter Haddock, an English footballer
* William F. Haddock, an American film director of the silent era

* Captain Haddock, a cartoon character in the "The Adventures of Tintin" series
* Sir Francis Haddock, ancestor of the above
* Fanny Haddock, a fictional cook that appeared in the radio series Beyond Our Ken and Round the Horne


* Haddock, Georgia, an unincorporated town in the United States

Other uses

* Haddock (software), a software documentation generator for the Haskell programming language
* Haddocks' Eyes, a poem by Lewis Carroll from Through the Looking-Glass

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