Book of G'Quan

Book of G'Quan

In the "Babylon 5" science fiction saga, the Book of G'Quan is a Narn holy book. Each book is copied painstakingly by hand, exactly reproduced from the original version. In this way, the accuracy of the text and images are assured.

It is considered disrespectful to "thump" the book.

The Narn Ambassador G'Kar uses this book in several religious ceremonies, but, perhaps more importantly, he finds within the book a drawing of a Shadow vessel, and thus attempts to warn the other races of the coming of the Shadows before this is made clear by other sources. The book also includes references to the destruction of Narn "Mindwalkers", or telepaths, by the Shadows centuries ago, explaining the lack of modern Narn telepaths, as well as helping to reveal the link between the Shadows and telepathic abilities.

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