Camellia (disambiguation)

Camellia (disambiguation)

"Camellia" may mean:

* Camellia, a flower
* Camellia City, a nickname for Sacramento, California
* Camellia, New South Wales, a neighbourhood in Sydney, Australia
* Camellia (poem), a poem by Rabindranath Tagore
* Camellia (cipher), a block cipher
* Camellia (album), the debut album by the singer Tsubaki
* Camellia, a deimos that joins Darc and the pianta sage in "".
* Camelia (IDE), an Integrated development environment for OCaml
* Camelia (comp. library), Camellia Image Processing Library

ee also

"Tsubaki", the Japanese word for Camellia, is itself used in a variety of names and other contexts.

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