Advanced Fashion Design and Technology

Advanced Fashion Design and Technology

Advanced Fashion Design and Technology is the manufacturing process related to fashion. It has also spawned a nationally accredited Australian vocational course, offered at various TAFE SA and Universities.

It specifically refers not only to the design process, but furthermore to the manufacturing, which is defined as being "advanced". It utilizes CAD, to patternmake, and design. Designs are generally in womenswear, but it is also available in specialty areas such as menswear, childrenswear, and bridal. Generally, it requires background knowledge in:
*Patternmaking principles
*Garment construction
*Fabric and fibre characteristics
*Sourcing materials
*Fashion drawing;
*Fashion trends and forecasting;
*Trade sketching;
*Embellishing garments;
*Using electronic fashion design tools;
*Interacting/networking with the fashion design industry
*Quality assurance

As a result of being a manufacturing-intensive process, it is generally also outsourced to cheaper alterantives such as China.

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