List of banks in Albania

List of banks in Albania

This is a list of Albanian banks

Central Bank

* Bank of Albania

Commercial Banks

*Alpha Bank - Albania []
*American Bank of Albania (ABA - Banka Amerikane e Shqiperise) []
*Banka Popullore (BP) []
*Credins Bank (CB) []
*Credit Bank of Albania (CBA) []
*EMPORIKI Bank (Albania) []
*First Investment Bank (Tirana Branch) (FIB) []
*First Investment Bank, Albania sh.a. (FIB) []
*International Commercial Bank (ICB) []
*Italian Development Bank (IDB) []
*National Bank of Greece (Tirana Branch) (NBG) []
*Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT) []
*Procredit Bank (PCB) [] (commercial bank/microfinancing)
*Raiffeisen Albania []
*Tirana Bank (TB) [] (Part of Piraeus Bank)
*Union Bank (Albania) (UB) []
*United Bank of Albania (UBA) [no website]

List based on financial supervision Commercial Banks Register at Bank of Albania [] .

See also Albanian Association of Banks []

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