Sveta Nedelja, Zagreb county

Sveta Nedelja, Zagreb county

Sveta Nedelja is a town in Zagreb county, Croatia.


Sveta Nedelja is situated west of Zagreb near the town of Samobor. The name of the town means "Holy Sunday". It is connected to the city by the A3 (Zagreb-Bregana) highway, which passes northwest-southeast through the town, and Franjo Tuđman Road going east-west towards the Podsused Bridge.


According to the 2001 census of Croatia, 15,506 people live in the town of Sveta Nedelja. The town center has 1,257 inhabitants.


City government, health-service, post office are the part of infrastructure of Sveta Nedelja.

Head of the City government is a Mayor (current mayor is Drago Prahin) with head city administration.


It is also the wealthiest municipality in Zagreb county and one of the wealthiest municipalities in the country and with most registered small enterprises in the country.

Monuments and Sightseeing

There are several monuments and buildings for sightseers in the Town of Sveta Nedelja:
*baroquesqe Holy Trinity parish church and parish house in Sveta Nedelja
*The old parish house "Crkvenjak" in Sveta Nedelja
*St. Rocco chapel in Sveta Nedelja
*Medieval Erdödy castle in Kerestinec
*old manssions in Brezje and Rakitje
*baroqueske St. Andrew chapel in Novaki
*St Mary Magdalena chapel in Mala Gorica
*Monument to the victims of communist crimes [ [ No ideology can bring any good] ]


Sveta Nedelja Primary School and its four local school divisions in Strmec, Rakitje, Kerestinec and Rakov Potok.


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* [ Town of Sveta Nedelja Official website]
* [ Sveta Nedelja live news portal] hr icon

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