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district = Šumadija
mayor = Radosav Švabić (SRS)
area_km2 = 376
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latd = 44| latm = 19|longd = 20| longm = 34
code = 34
settlements = 19
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postal_code = 34300
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Aranđelovac (Serbian Cyrillic: Аранђеловац) is a town and a municipality in Serbia at 44.31° North, 20.57° East. It lies beneath the mountains Bukulja and Venčac, at about 255 m above sea level, 76 km away from Belgrade. The municipality encompasses two town and 18 village communities. Bukovička Banja Spa is located in the town. The town is in the Šumadijski okrug (Šumadija region) with the administrative center in Kragujevac. According to the most recent, 2002 census, there are 24,309 inhabitants in the town itself, while the whole municipality has a total of 48 129 inhabitants.


Most of today's town territory belongs to the village of Vrbica. Since Duke Miloš Obrenović often resided in the Bukovička Banja Spa, he decided to build a church in Vrbica in 1858 (one of his "repentrance churches"), dedicate it to St. Archangel Gabriel, and to form the town of Aranđelovac ("The town of Archangel") from the villages Vrbica and Bukovik.


.The pavilion of Duke Miloš and several mineral water sources are also situated in the park. The mineral water is used in the Spa together with clay from the local area in curing diseases of gastrointestinal and hepatolibiar organs, respiratory diseases, and locomotor organs.

The Aranđelovac municipality area is also historically important, since its Village of Orašac (6km from the town) is the birthplace of the First Serbian Uprising against the Turks in 1804. A memorial complex in Marićevića jaruga in Orašac is visited every year by the high country officials of Serbia, since the date when the rebellion started, February 15, is celebrated as the day the modern Serbian state is founded, and Karađorđe Petrović was chosen the leader of the uprising, and later, the country. Near the town is the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael in Brezovac.

10 km away from Aranđelovac is the accumulation Lake Garaši, Aranđelovac’s supply of water. The lake encompasses 65 ha, its deepest point is at 22 m, it has fish and it is the town’s favorite holiday place. Aranđelovac Museum has a permanent exhibition of various items from the Neolith Risovačka Cave, which is located at the very entrance of the town.

=Economy= The most well-known company of [Aranđelovac] is Knjaz Miloš AD, which produces the widely popular mineral water, as well as juices and energy drinks. Holding company "Šamot" produces high temperature materials and exploits some ores, and "Elektroporcelan" produces electrical insulation ceramics and other insulators. Marble is exploited by "Venčac" company, and private company "Peštan" is specialised in PVC pipes and other products. "AD Kubršnica" is the well known brick and building material factory. Also, there are several smaller and less known companies that employ a large number of townspeople, such as hotels "Staro zdanje", "Šumadija", and "Izvor", and many cafés, bars and restaurants throughout the town.

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