Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note

Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note

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ja_name = テレパシー少女「蘭」事件ノート
genre = Science Fiction, Fantasy
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author = Atsuko Asano
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title = Telepathy Shōjo Ran
author = Toshitsugu Īda (art)
publisher = flagicon|Japan Kodansha
demographic = Shōnen
magazine = Shōnen Sirius
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volumes = 6
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title = Telepathy Shōjo Ran
director =
writer = Makoto Nakamura
studio = TMS Entertainment
licensor = flagicon|Japan NHK
first = June 21 2008
last = ongoing
episodes = 26
nihongo|"Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note"|テレパシー少女「蘭」事件ノート|"Telepathy Girl 'Ran' Incident Notes" is a novel series by Atsuko Asano. A manga adaptation by Toshitsugu Īda is serialized in the shōnen manga magazine Shōnen Sirius. An anime adaptation started airing in Japan on June 21, 2008, and is currently ongoing. It is being produced by TMS Entertainment and is being broadcast by NHK. The series is slated to have 26 episodes [cite web|url=|title=NHK アニメワールド:テレパシー少女 蘭|publisher=NHK|language=Japanese|accessdate=2008-10-02] .


A bright and energetic young girl, Ran is introduced to her supernatural powers right along with her first year in junior high school. While she is troubled by her powers seeming to instigate ill fortune upon people in contact with her and illuminating their ill intentions in some cases, Ran soon learns to accommodate her supernatural abilities and accept herself as is with the support of her family and peers. Accompanied by Rui, Ran finds herself constantly embroiled in mysterious circumstances and events whose resolution requires that she learn to collaborate with Midori (another girl who also has supernatural powers).


;Nihongo|Ran Isozaki|いそざき 蘭|Isozaki Ran Anime voices|Emiri Katō

The protagonist in the story, Ran is introduced as a vivacious young lady having recently begun her first year in intermediate school where she engages in track-n-field as an extra-cirricular activity. Ran has always had a sense of insight about things that few other people can match; this is reflected in the fact that the two young cats Kishou and Tenketsu are running around her home that had been abandoned by their mother or previous owner. Ran is part of a traditional nuclear family (biological parents still married to each other) with an elder brother. She is in love with Rui.

;Nihongo|Rin Isozaki|いそざき りん|Isozaki Rin Anime voices|Tomokazu Seki

Given how he is dressed most of the time and that he is introduced while doing housework, Rin is Ran's elder brother and is most likely in high school. Always having thought of Ran as being a little weird, Rin is not surprised to learn of his little sister's supernatural powers and wishes that he had some as well. Rin is the first to draw a preliminary correlation with the mysterious events at the start of the series and will likely become indispensable in the future for this reason considering how he has coached Ran through using her powers and helping to interpret what she learns through that means.

;Nihongo|Reina Isozaki|いそざき れいな|Isozaki Reina Anime voices|Akemi Okamura

A novelist whose writer's block is broken by the idea to combine a horrific murder with a comedy show, Reina is Ran's mother and has aspirations to be a super-popular horror novelist.

;Nihongo|Ronpei Isozaki|いそざき ろんぺい|Isozaki Ronpei Anime voices|Kenyū Horiuchi

Introduced as having a twelve-year history in a nukazuke company, a Japanese type of pickle, Ron is Ran's father and seems to have an affinity for advocating the virtues of lactic acid bacilli in the pickled vegetable chips he makes.

;Nihongo|Rui Ayase|あやせ 留衣|Ayase Rui Anime voices|Hiroki Shimowada

Having been her long-standing childhood friend, Rui has artistic affinities and can easily detect when Ran is in distress about something when she starts up with the quick but brief laughter fits. Upon learning of her psychic powers, Rui indicates that he is fond of Ran for the person she is. He has the ability to neutralize and amplify psychic powers.

;Nihongo|Saeko Itō|いと さえこ|Itō Saeko

Saeko is Ran's academically-oriented classmate and best friend. She becomes jealous when Ran secures a flawless score on a test in spite of her ignorance of the test material and dedicates herself to rigorously studying in order to regain her academic dominance.

;Nihongo|Midori Naha|なは 翠|Naha Midori Anime voices|Kana Ueda

A recent transfer student that possesses the same kind of supernatural powers that Ran herself does, Midori initially behaves adversarially in order to appraise the scope of Ran's psychic powers and is found to be responsible for the earlier cryptic telepathic warnings about something beginning. As she goes to take her seat on the first day of class, it becomes evident that Midori has had a rough background involving rejection by her mother related to her psychic powers. Midori's subsequent belief that friends are an absurd waste of time and that the sweet-talking maintenance of a straight face being a signal of treachery inhibits Midori from having it demonstrated that there are people that will behave toward her as Rui does toward Ran once they make her euphoric acquaintance. Fortunately, Ran saving her from plummeting off the school roof during the resolution of Rui's abduction inspires Midori to turn over a new leaf and give friendship another chance. She is in love with Rin, Ran's brother.

;Nihongo|Momoko Ōhara|おおはら ももこ|Ōhara Momoko Anime voices|Fumiko Orikasa

A recently-hired teacher at Ran's school, Momoko behaves more as an elder sister to her students outside of the classroom and is very easygoing when she teaches her homeroom students. Unfortunately, Momoko's charismatic older sister persona is only a mirage used to obfuscate her affinity for wielding people to her advantage as demonstrated when she overrides Fumi's volition and forces the poor canine to attack her former paramour and later Ran herself. Momoko has detected that Rui is of utility to her and believes that psychic powers make it impossible to coexist peacefully with other people that could cherish her as the person she is of their own volition.

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Telepathy Shōjo Ran (テレパシー少女蘭) is the 2008 anime adaptation of the novel Telepathy Shōjo Ran Jiken Note. The anime has run on Saturdays since June 21, except for a break on August 9. It is expected to run for a total of 26 episodes until December.The anime features an opening theme song nihongo|"Aoi Kakera "|青いかけら by Chara, and an ending theme song nihongo|"Polaris no Namida"|ポラリスの涙 by onso9line (pronounced: "onsoku line").

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