Gypsy (disambiguation)

Gypsy (disambiguation)

Gypsy refers to various unrelated ethnic groups or persons fitting Gypsy stereotypes.

Gypsy may also refer to:

Ethnic groups

*Romani people, living worldwide
*Lom people, in East Anatolia and Armenia
*Lyuli, in Central Asia
*Dom people, in South-West Asia
*Various nomadic groups in South Asia, like Banjara
*Irish Travellers, also known as "Pavee", mostly in Ireland, Great Britain, and the United States
*Sea Gypsies, a number of different peoples of Southeast Asia
*Yeniche (people), mostly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Belgium

Literature and drama

*"The Gypsy" (novel), a novel by Steven Brust and Megan Lindholm
*"", a book by Gypsy Rose Lee
**"", a musical based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee
**"Gypsy" (film), a 1962 film starring Rosalind Russell and based on the musical
*"Gipsy" (comics), a science fiction graphic novel series by Enrico Marini and Thierry Smolderen
*Gypsy (comics), a DC comic book superheroine
*Gypsy (MST3K), a robot character in the TV series "Mystery Science Theater 3000"
*"Gypsy" (Avatar Press), an Avatar Press comic created by Brian Pulido
*"Gypsies", a fantasy novel by Robert Charles Wilson
*"The Gypsies", a narrative poem by Alexander Pushkin


*"Band of Gypsys", an album by Jimi Hendrix
*Gypsy (band), a music group from Minnesota, United States, and one of their albums
*The Gypsies, a band that performs Sinhala and English songs
*"Gypsy" (Fleetwood Mac song), from the album "Mirage"
*"The Gypsy", a 1945 popular song written by Billy Reid and performed by several artists
*"Gypsy", a song by Suzanne Vega from the album "Solitude Standing"
*"Gypsy", a song by Emperor from the album "In the Nightside Eclipse" (on 1999 edition only)
*"Gypsy", a song by Armin van Buuren from the album "Shivers"
*"Gypsy", a song by Mercyful Fate from the album "Don't Break The Oath"
*"Gypsy", a song by Uriah Heep from the album "Very 'eavy... Very 'umble"
*"Gypsy", a song by Luscious Jackson from the album "Electric Honey"
*"Gypsy", a song by Dio from the album "Holy Diver"
*"Gypsy", a song by Black Sabbath from the album "Technical Ecstasy"
*"Gypsy", a song by The Moody Blues from the album "To Our Childrens Childrens Children"
*"The Gypsy", a song by Deep Purple from the album "Stormbringer"
*"Gypsy", a song by Ektomorf from the album "Destroy"
*"Gypsy", a song by Pistol Grip from the album "Another Round"
*"Gypsy", a song by Savoy Brown from the album "Looking In"
*"Gypsy Biker", a song by Bruce Springsteen from the album "Magic"

Other uses

*Gypsy (software), a 1975 word processing program
*Gipsy, Missouri, U.S.
*Gypsy, West Virginia, U.S.
*Austin Gipsy, a Land-Rover-like vehicle
*Maruti Gypsy, a vehicle by Maruti Udyog Limited
*Gypsey Race, a watercourse running through the Yorkshire Wolds, into the North Sea


*Gypsy Rose Lee (1911–1970), American actress and entertainer
*Gypsy (calypsonian), Trinidad and Tobago calypsonian and politician, also known as Winston "Gypsy" Patrick Peters
*Gypsy Boots (1914–2004), full name Robert Bootzin, American fitness pioneer
*Phyllis Coates (born 1927), born Gypsie Ann Evarts Stell, actress

ee also

*Gypsy punk
*"Gypsys, Tramps & Thieves", a song by Cher
*de Havilland Gipsy Moth, a biplane built in the 1920s
*Gypsy Woman (disambiguation)
*Gipsy Kings, a Spanish band
*Gypsy Girl (disambiguation)
*Gypsy moth
*Gypsy Vanner horse

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