Talbot (dog)

Talbot (dog)

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The Talbot Hound is an extinct snow white hunting dog originating in Normandy and used and developed in Great Britain. It had a keen smell and was of such large stature that it was rumored of being capable of bringing down a white stag in the midst of winter, though there are no records of this.

William the Conqueror is credited with bringing the Talbot to Britain in the eleventh century A.D. Though the breed is now extinct because of its lack of purpose and need for constant care, it is credited with being a more recent ancestor of the modern-day beagle and bloodhound.

The term "talbot" is used in heraldry to refer to a good mannered hunting dog

The market town of Sudbury, Suffolk in the east of the United Kingdom has the Talbot on the town crest, which is also used for a local school and many local sports clubs. The dog is always depicted with its tongue protruding.

Hampton Talbots

The Talbot is the mascot for Hampton Township School District, Hampton Township, Western Pennsylvania, USA. Hampton is the only school district in the United States to have the Talbot as a mascot.

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* [http://www.britainexpress.com/counties/derbyshire/houses/Haddon-Hall-Photos/Haddon-Hall-Photo-21.htm Painting of a Talbot Dog from the 15th Century, England]

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