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Sfax ( _ar. صفاقس, Safaqis, or /sfa:qs/ in Tunisian Arabic, whence the French name) is a city in Tunisia, located 270 km southeast of Tunis. The city, founded in AD 849 on the ruins of Taparura and Thaenae, is the capital of the Sfax governorate, and a Mediterranean port on the Gulf of Gabes. Sfax has population of 340,000 (2005) [ [http://looklex.com/e.o/sfax.htm LookLex Encyclopaedia] accessed 10 July 2008] , and is an industrial center for processing phosphates. The city is often described as Tunisia's Second city, because only Tunis has more inhabitants.


By the end of the 10th century Sfax had become an independent city state. The city was conquered by Roger of Sicily in 1148 and occupied until it was liberated in 1156 by local forces, and was briefly occupied by European forces again, this time by the Spanish, in the 16th century. Sfax became an integral base of the Barbary piracy, prompting an unsuccessful invasion by Venice in 1785. In the late 19th century Sfax and the rest of Tunisia were conquered by France and incorporated into the French empire. During World War II, the Axis powers used the city as a major base until they were defeated by British forces. After World War II, Tunisia was returned to France only to gain independence in 1956.


Sfax is served by a narrow gauge railway system of SNCFT that delivers phosphates and iron ore for export.


Founded in 1961, Radio Sfax broadcasts twenty hours a day on MW 720 kHz/105.21 MHz.


* ENIS (Ecole Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Sfax) issued a number of well known scientists and industrials. [http://www.enis.rnu.tn]
* ESCS (Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Sfax) issued a number of Managers, Economy and Management Researchers and Youth Entrepreneurs. [http://www.escs.rnu.tn]
* FLSHS (Faculté des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Sfax) issued a number of renowned poets and prose writers .(http://www.flshs.rnu.tn)
* Sfax Faculty of Medicine (Faculté de Médecine de Sfax). [http://www.fmsf.rnu.tn]

Famous people

*Hédi Bouraoui, a poet and writer now living in Canada.
*Hedi Chaker, patriot who fought the French colonisation.
*Saber Rabaii, eastern singer renowned all over the east for his songs.


See also

* [http://www.sfaxonline.com/ SfaxOnline - Portail de la ville de Sfax]
* Transport in Tunisia
* Sufax
* [http://www.tunisia.com/Tunisia/Travel/Tunisia-Travel-Guides/Central-Tunisia/Sfax Sfax travel guide]

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