List of anthropologists

List of anthropologists

The following list is "obsolete".

Please make no further additions to the list.

For scientists and scholars of anthropology, refer to the ' "'.



*Sergei Kan
*Jomo Kenyatta
*David Kertzer
*Anatoly Khazanov
*Richard G. Klein
*Dorinne K. Kondo
*Andrey Korotayev
*Conrad Kottak
*Grover Krantz
*Charles H. Kraft
*Tiffany Kreger
*Kewal Krishan
*Alfred L. Kroeber
*Theodora Kroeber
*Adam Kuper


*William Labov
*George Lakoff
*Harold E. Lambert
*Bruno Lator
*Edmund Leach
*Murray Leaf
*Louis Leakey
*Mary Leakey
*Richard Leakey
*Richard Borshay Lee
*Claude Lévi-Strauss
*Robert Lowie

*Nancy Lurie


*Alan Macfarlane
*Saba Mahmood
*Bronisław Malinowski
*John Alden Mason
*Marcel Mauss
*Phillip McArthur
*Margaret Mead
*Mervyn Meggitt
*Josef Mengele
*Nikolay Miklukho-Maklay
*Emily Martin
*Sidney Mintz
*Ashley Montagu
*James Mooney
*John H. Moore
*Lewis H. Morgan
*George Murdock


*Paul Rabinow
*Nicholas Randinhof
*Wilhelm Radloff
*Roy Rappaport
*Hans Ras
*Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown
*Gerardo Reichel-Dolmatoff
*Kathy Reichs
*Audrey Richards
*W. H. R. Rivers
*Paul Rivet
*Carlos David Rodríguez Flórez Editor by International Journal of Dental Anthropology - IJDA
*Ernesto León Rodríguez Flórez Editor by International Journal of Dental Anthropology - IJDA
*Eric Ross
*Gayle Rubin
*Robert A. Rubinstein
*Breanna Rodgers

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