Hindu Hitachi Scholarships

Hindu Hitachi Scholarships

The Hindu-Hitachi Scholarships were started in 1959 in collaboration with The Hindu Newspaper (Based in Chennai, India) and Hitachi, Japan for providing exposure to Indian Engineers to advance Japanese technology and committed work culture. In 2009, the scholarship will complete 50 years.

The Hindu Hitachi Scholarships (hereafter referred as HHS) have played a keen role in strengthening Japan - India relations and has provided Indian engineers an opportunity to explore the Japanese world. It is one of the very few corporate initiatives which go such a long way to build and maintain relations between Japan and India. [ [http://www.hitachi.com/society/global/ican/pdf/Ct03.pdf Hitachi’s Contributions to Society] ]

Scholarship Details

Each year the HINDU invites applications [ [http://www.hinduonnet.com/thehindu/advt/hitachi2006.pdf Sample of advertisement from the HINDU Newspaper] ] [ [http://www.scholarshipsinindia.com/hindu-hitachi.html Information from the Scholarships in India website] ] from engineers who have a minimum of one year experience and are willing to pursue training in one of the areas provided by Hitachi in Japan. The Training is offered in the 4-7 fields each year by Hitachi. Only 2-3 Engineers are selected each year from all over India.

The training lasts for about 6 months from July to December including a 40 days orientation progam at one of the AOTS Kenshu centers [ [http://www.aots.or.jp/eng/about/center/facilities_tkc.html AOTS Kenshu center in Tokyo] ] The primary purpose of this short training is to teach basic Japanese language and help the scholar in getting accustomed to Japanese way of life. This prepares the scholar for the real world when they proceed to the respective training places. AOTS is an intermediary body which holds orientation programs for all foreign trainees coming to Japan for technical training especially from South East Asia and South America. [http://hindu.hitachi.googlepages.com/hh_outline.htm HHS Applicants - Guidelines and FAQ] maintained by [http://www.linkedin.com/in/akbarkamal 2005 HHS Alumnus] ]

The Language training gets over by mid august and then the scholars proceed to the technical training sites. The locations of the training sites are not fixed as Hitachi has many factories, offices and research centers all over Japan. Each of the trainee will mostly be going to a different part of Japan. Hence the language training mentioned above is of importance. More description and details can be found in the references.

HHS (Hindu Hitachi Scholarships) – Alumni Network

Few of the scholars in recent years have used internet as a medium to network, communicate and spread awareness about the scholarship [ [http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pM1FI-nEALCKUxrwbdTC-WA Google Spreadsheet listing recent HHS Alumni] ] . Many of the scholars are very successful engineers and business persons in their respective fields. For more details please check the references below. [ [http://www.db-ups.com/ Mr. Dilip Bhide - Founder of DB-UPS, India] ] [ [http://www.thakarsons.com/Comprof.html Mr. Atul Thakar - Founder of Thakarsons, India] ] [ [http://www.linkedin.com/in/tvineet Mr. Vineet Thuvara - Senior Manager, Microsoft Corporation] ] [ [http://www.linkedin.com/in/soumitrivaradarajan Dr.Soumitri Varadarajan - Founder & CEO Soumitri.com (Australia)] ] [ [http://www.linkedin.com/pub/3/353/86B Mr. Sushant Dutt - Business Relationship Manager,GE Asia] ] “The Hindu” and Hitachi both have been very supportive in helping the past Hindu Hitachi Scholars to network with each other. On the completion of 50 years, a re-union is being organized by the sponsors.

Information for Applicants

Applicants can utilize the many available resources over the internet to know more about the Scholarships. Few of the important information sources such as [http://hindu.hitachi.googlepages.com/ Support Pages] , [http://groups.google.com/group/hhs-applicants Support E-Group - Open to all Applicants] and contacts of Alumni are included in the References and Links Section below.


External Links

1. [http://groups.google.com/group/hhs-applicants Google E-group - Open to all applicants]
2. [http://groups.google.com/group/hhs-applicants/browse_thread/thread/a69923a93f4858ff# Question-Answer Archives 2004-2008]
3. [http://hindu.hitachi.googlepages.com/ Application Information - HHS Applicants please check this]

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