Front stance

Front stance

infobox martial art term
pic = WalkingStance.gif

kanji = 前屈立ち
hiragana = ぜんくつだち
revhep = zenkutsu-dachi
kunrei = zenkutu-dati
hangul = ?
hanja =
rr = ap kubi?
mr =

Front stance, sometimes also called forward leaning stance or forward stance, is a basic stance used in Japanese and Korean martial arts. Although the specifics of the stance vary by style, overall it is visually similar to a lunge, with the forward leg bent at the knee, and the rear leg straight, while the hips and shoulders remain squarely facing forward. The purpose of the stance is to teach musculo-skeletal alignment that adds as much mass of the earth to a strike as possible. The stance allows a great deal of power generation forward, but very little in any other direction.

Japanese martial arts

students place their feet shoulder width, but with much shallower length. Other variations are also practiced.

Korean martial arts

The front stance is primarily practiced by students of taekwondo, where it is called ap kubi.

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