Knaanic language

Knaanic language

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Knaanic (also called Canaanic, Leshon Knaan or Judeo-Slavic) was a West Slavic Jewish language, formerly spoken in the Czech lands, now the Czech Republic. It became extinct in the Late Middle Ages. The name "Knaanic" applied mainly to Judeo-Czech, but also to other Judeo-Slavic languages.

The name comes from the ancient Canaan (Hebrew כנען "kəna'an"). The use of a name derived from "Canaan" for a slavic language spoken by a Jewish peoples living in a slavic region is an indication to the Canaanite origin of Hebrew language (and people) as perceived by the speakers themselves and/or surrounding slavic people, probably as relayed to them by Bibilical mythology.

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* Ruth Bondyová: "Mezi námi řečeno. Jak mluvili Židé v Čechách a na Moravě" ("Between us: language of Jews in Bohemia and Moravia"), [ Society of Franz Kafka] 2003, ISBN 80-85844-88-5. The book documents languages used by Jews in the Czech lands during 12-20th century. [ Review] in Czech, pages 28-33.


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* History of the Yiddish Language, Max Weinreich, 1980, ISBN 0-226-88604-2

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