Ship of Fools (disambiguation)

Ship of Fools (disambiguation)

Ship of fools is an allegory that has long been a fixture in Western literature and art.

Ship of Fools may also refer to:

In literature:
*"Ship of Fools" (satire), a 1494 satire by Sebastian Brant
*"Ship of Fools" (Porter novel), a 1962 novel by Katherine Anne Porter
*"Ship of Fools" (Stone novel), a 1997 "Doctor Who" spin-off novel by Dave Stone
*"Ship of Fools" (story), a 1999 short story by Theodore Kaczynski, the Unabomber
*"Ship of Fools" (Russo novel), a 2001 novel by Richard Paul Russo
*"Ship of Fools", a short story by Charles Stross from the 2002 collection ""
*"The Ship of Fools" (Spanish: "La nave de los locos"), a 1984 novel by Cristina Peri Rossi
*"The Ship of Fools", a 2001 novel by Gregory Norminton

In art:
*"Ship of Fools" (painting) (c. 1490–1500), a painting by Hieronymus Bosch

In film and television:
*"Ship of Fools" (film), a 1965 film based on the Katherine Anne Porter novel
*"Ship of Fools" (Kappa Mikey episode), fourth episode of the animated sitcom "Kappa Mikey"

A song:
*"Ship of Fools" (Erasure song), a 1988 single by Erasure
*"Ship of Fools", by The Doors from the 1970 album "Morrison Hotel"
*"Ship of Fools", by the Grateful Dead from the 1974 album "Grateful Dead from the Mars Hotel"
*"Ship of Fools", by Bob Seger from the 1976 album " Night Moves"
*"Ship of Fools", by Van der Graaf Generator from the 1978 album "Vital"
*"Ship of Fools", a 1986 single by World Party
*"Ship of Fools", by Soul Asylum from the 1986 album "Made to Be Broken"
*"Ship of Fools", by Echo & the Bunnymen, B-side to the 1987 single "The Game"
*"Ship of Fools", by Robert Plant from the 1988 album "Now and Zen"
*"Ship of Fools", by John Cale from the 1974 album "Fear" and 1992 live album "Fragments of a Rainy Season"
*"Ship of Fools", by The Residents from the 1992 album "Our Finest Flowers"
*"Ship of Fools", by Sarah Brightman from the 1993 album "Dive"
*"Ship of Fools", by Scorpions from the 1993 album "Face the Heat"
*"Ship of Fools", by Secret Chiefs 3 from the 2001 album "Book M"
*"Ship of Fools", by Yngwie Malmsteen from the 2002 album "Attack!!"
*"Ship of Fools", by Alphaville from the 2003 album "CrazyShow"
*"Ship of Fools", by Ron Sexsmith from the 2006 album "Time Being"

An album:
*"Ship of Fools", a 1986 album by Tuxedomoon
*"Ship of Fools", a 1988 album by John Renbourn

In other:
*Ship of Fools (website), a UK-based Christian website
*Ship, captain, and crew, a dice game also known as Ship of Fools

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