Naujan, Oriental Mindoro

Naujan, Oriental Mindoro
Map of Oriental Mindoro showing the location of Naujan

Naujan is a 1st class municipality in the province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. It covers a land area of 52,804.15 hectares (the biggest municipality in the province) accounting for 12 % of the province’s total land area.

Naujan is bounded in the north by Calapan City, in the northwest by the municipality of Baco, in the east by part of the Verde Island Passage and Tablas Strait, in the south by the town of Victoria, in the southeast by the town of Pola and in the southwest by the town of Sablayan, province of Occidental Mindoro.

The town Naujan is now a First-Class municipality and partially urban, has a population of roughly more than 90,000 people from 70 barangays according to a recent NCSB report, has all the amenities of a town of its size. It has its own Town Plaza and its own Conference Center.

Brief History

The town of Naujan was established in 1639 under a Royal decree issued by King Phillip of Spain. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, traces of an earlier civilization existed, as evidenced by the unearthed artifacts of Chinese origin dating from the Sung, Yuan, and the Ming dynasties in barangays of Dao and San Jose. This reinforces the theory that the natives of Naujan were the Chinese during those early years. Its name according to legend, came from the word, “nauhaw”, or “went thirsty”.

Still, the Mangyans that are of malayan descent are known to be the first inhabitants and were just pushed to the interior mountanous area due to the arrival of Christian settlers. They currently reside in the reservation areas of Barangays Metolza, Caburo, Balite, Paitan, Magtibay and Banuton.

In the 17th century, a Recollect priest built a church in Barrio Bancuro with walls made of stone. This served as the house of worship and at the same time as a fort and a place of refuge against the Moro invaders. However in 1824, the Moros were able to conquer them and burned the fort.

In 1898, the Moro raids ceased and the settlement was transferred to Matandang Naujan commonly known as Lumangbayan along the seacoast. At that time, the rebellion against Spanish rule started to break out in Mindoro.

Naujan has its on share of revolutionaries. Francisco Manalaysay had his own insurrectionary forces against the Spaniards. Captain Valeriano Gasic was then the Presidente del Municipal of Naujan. He went underground when the Americans started to rule Mindoro and declared him “tulisan”. He was eventually captured and was sentenced to life imprisonment. This was later commuted to five years in exile in the island of Culion, Palawan where he died.

The guerilla movement against the Japanese Occupation was headed by Esteban Beloncio, Felix Boquio and Gomersindo Dela Torre. During the Martial Law years, Father Ed Dela Torre was the prominent son of Naujan who actively fought the dictatorship.

On January 4, 1905, under Act 1280, Naujan was recognized as a full-pledged municipality while it boundaries were permanently established in 1919.



Naujan is politically subdivided into 70 barangays.

  • Adrialuna
  • Antipolo
  • Apitong
  • Arangin
  • Aurora Sitio's
  Sitio 1 - Sitio Balatan 
  Sitio 2 - Sitio Malisyuso and Sitio Panther
  Sitio 3 - Sitio Kunsihala
  Sitio 4 - Sitio Kapon
  Sitio 5 - Sitio Bansot
  Sitio 6 - Sitio Dimalibot
  • Bacungan
  • Bagong Buhay
  • Bancuro
  • Barcenaga
  • Bayani
  • Buhangin
  • Concepcion
  • Dao
  • Del Pilar
  • Estrella
  • Evangelista
 Sitio Abot
  • Gamao
  • General Esco
  • Herrera
  • Inarawan
  • Kalinisan
  • Laguna
  • Mabini
  • Andres Ylagan
  • Mahabang Parang
  • Malaya
  • Malinao
  • Malvar
  • Masagana
  Sitio Keting
  • Masaguing
  • Melgar A
  • Melgar B
  • Metolza
  • Montelago
  • Montemayor
  • Motoderazo
  • Mulawin
  Sitio Garute
  • Nag-Iba I
  • Nag-Iba II
  • Pagkakaisa
  • Paniquian
  • Pinagsabangan I
  • Pinagsabangan II
  • Pinahan
  • Poblacion I Barangay I)
  • Poblacion II (Barangay II)
  • Poblacion III Barangay III)
  • Sampaguita
  • San Agustin I
  • San Agustin II
  • San Andres
  • San Antonio
  • San Carlos
  • San Isidro
  • San Jose
  • San Luis
  • San Nicolas
  • San Pedro
  • Santa Isabel
  • Santa Maria
  • Santiago
  • Santo Nino
  • Tagumpay
  • Tigkan
  • Melgar B
  • Sta. Cruz
  • Balite
  • Banuton
  • Caburo
  • Magtibay
  • Paitan

Educational Institutions

Public Grade Schools

1. Adrialuna Elementary School - Brgy.Adrialuna, Mayona N. Janda, Head Teacher III

2. Antipolo Elementary School - Brgy. Antipolo Genoveva S. Moreno,Teacher in Charge

3. Aurora Central School - Brgy.Aurora Putensiano Mundin, Principal I

4. Aurora Central School – Annex - Brgy.Aurora Josefa G. Atienza, Teacher in Charge

5. Bacungan Elementary School - Brgy.Bacungan Ruby Editha C. Peji, Principal I

6. Bagong Buhay Elementary School - Brgy.Bagong Buhay Alfonso G. Encisa, Head Teacher II

7. Bagong Pag-Asa Primary School - Brgy.Arangin Francisca P. Arvino, Teacher in Charge

8. Balite Mangyan School - Brgy.Balite Maria B. Banlugan, Teacher in Charge

9. Bancuro Elementary School - Brgy. Bancuro Eufracia C. Fabella,Teacher in Charge

10. Barcenaga Central School - Brgy.Barcenaga Daisy C. de Guzman, Principal II

11. Bayani Elementary School - Brgy.Bayani Braulio T. Marquinez, Head Teacher III

12. Bucayao Grande Mangyan School - Brgy.Banuton Victoria B. Miranda, Teacher in Charge

13. Bucayao Grande Mangyan School – Annex - Brgy.Banuton Violeta Mambo, Teacher in Charge

14. Buhangin Elementary School - Brgy.Buhangin Teresita G. Quitain, Teacher in Charge

15. Caburo Mangyan School - Brgy.Caburo Janet O. Atibag, Teacher in Charge

16. Concepcion Elementary School - Brgy. Concepcion Ma. Elizabeth G. Silang,Teacher in Charge

17. Dao Primary School - Brgy.Dao Cesar F. Ramos, Head Teacher II

18. Del Pilar Elementary School - Brgy.Del Pilar Ma. Mizel A. Labog, Teacher in Charge

19. Del Pilar Elementary School – Annex - Brgy.Del Pilar Nepomuceno T. Gardoce, Principal I

20. Evangelista Elementary School - Brgy.Evangelista Jerry F. Huerto, Principal I

21. Francisco Melgar Memorial School - Brgy. Melgar A

22. F. Tria Memorial Elementary School (Montemayor Elementary School) - Brgy. Montemayor Nicholson B. Udtuhan,Principal I

23. Gamao Elementary School - Brgy.Gamao Marcelina C. Cantos, Principal I

24. Inarawan Elementary School - Brgy.Inarawan Lalina A. Rigor, Teacher in Charge

25. Jose L. Basa Memorial School - Brgy. Poblacion I

26. J. Ylagan Memorial School - Brgy. Sta.Cruz Danilo A. Boseta,Principal I

27. Juan Luna Sr. Elementary School - Brgy.Pinagsabangan 2 Remo M. Gozar, Principal I

28. Juan Luna Sr. Elementary School – Pinagsabagan Elementary School Annex - Brgy.Pinagsabangan 1 Maileen V. Evangelista, Head Teacher III

29. Kalinisan Primary School - Brgy. Kalinisan Aniceto P. Fabella,Principal I

30. Karumangit Elementary School - Brgy.General Esco Angeles D. Ocampo, Teacher in Charge

31. Laguna Elementary School Brgy. Laguna Cesar F. Ramos, Head Teacher III

32. Leon G. Garong Memorial School (Estrella Elementary School) Brgy.Estrella Lynn H. Gozar,Principal I

33. Mabini Elementary School - Brgy.Malvar Cristeta D. Delizo, Teacher in Charge

34. Mabini Elementary School – Annex - Brgy.Malvar Ma. Lorelyn O. Rosales, Teacher in Charge

35. Mabini Primary School (M.G. Valencia Memorial School) - Brgy. Mabini Harold M. Hernandez,Teacher in Charge

36. Macangas Elementary School - Brgy.Bayani Braulio T. Marquinez, Head Teacher III

37. Macapili Primary School - Brgy. Melgar B Gigi F. Faigmani,Teacher in Charge

38. Mahabang Parang Elementary School - Brgy.Mahabang Parang Emely M. de Silva, Teacher in Charge

39. Malaya Elementary School - Brgy.Malaya Lolita S. de Villa, Teacher in Charge

40. Malinao Elementary School - Brgy.Malinao Leticia M. Menor, Principal I

41. Malvar Primary School - Brgy.Arangin Elisa M. Jebulan, Teacher in Charge

42. Masagana Elementary School - Brgy.Masagana Leonicia B. Dimaano, Teacher in Charge

43. Masaging Elementary School - Brgy. Masaging Concepcion F. Sedogin, Teacher in Charge

44. Metolza Annex Primary School - Brgy.Metolza Virginina P. Calangi, Teacher in Charge

45. Metolza Elementary School - Brgy.Paitan Cleofe Z. Padrones, Head Teacher II

46. Montelago Elementary School - Brgy. Montelago Edgar G. Genteroy, Teacher in Charge

47. Motoderazo Elementary School - Brgy. Motoderazo Necitas M. Cabral, Teacher in Charge

48. Mulawin Elementary School - Brgy.Mulawin Angel M. Beron, Principal I

49. M.Garcia Memorial School - Brgy. San Jose I Aniceto Fabella,Principal I

50. M.P. Leuterio Memorial School - Brgy. Andres Ylagan Lolinie C. Balita,Principal I

51. Nag-Iba Elementary School - Brgy. Nag-Iba I Aniceta S. Labaguis, Principal

52. Nag-Iba Elementary School - Brgy. Nag-Iba II Romar T. Magsino, Teacher in Charge

53. Panikian Elementary School - Brgy.Panikian Benita L. Catilo, Teacher in Charge

54. P. Garis Memorial School (Sta. Maria Elementary School) - Brgy.Sta Maria Rosemarie O. Reaño, Teacher in Charge

55. Piñahan Elementary School - Brgy.Piñahan Imelda M. Veluz, Teacher in Charge

56. San Andres Elementary School - Brgy.San Andres Menita P. Matibag, Teacher in Charge

57. San Antonio Primary School - Brgy.San Antonio Leticia C. Marasigan, Teacher in Charge

58. Santiago Elementary School - Brgy. Santiago

59. San Isidro Elementary School - Brgy.San Isidro Rodel s. Magnaye, Teacher in Charge

60. Sampaguita Elementary School - Brgy.Sampaguita Maria H. Maranan, Principal I

61. San Carlos Elementary School - Brgy.San Carlos Gedidia M. Malicat , Teacher in Charge

62. San Luis Elementary School - Brgy. San Luis Leo R. Ebrada, Teacher in Charge

63. San Nicolas Elementary School - Brgy.San Nicolas Veronica C. Cueto, Teacher in Charge

64. San Pedro Elementary School - Brgy.San Pedro Mila H. Capunita, Teacher in Charge

65. Sta. Isabel Elementary School - Brgy.Sta Isabel Precila P. Perez, Teacher in Charge

66. S. Gomez Memorial Elementary School (Apitong Elementary School) - Brgy.Apitong Luisito P. Magsino, Principal I

67. S. Garong Memorial School Brgy.San Agustin Alberto M. Plata, Principal I

68. Sto. Niño Elementary School - Brgy.Sto Niño Lanie C. Gerner, Teacher in Charge

69. Tagumpay Elementary School - Brgy.Tagumpay Teresita M. Balmes, Teacher in Charge

70. Tigbao Elementary School - Brgy.Montelago Onchito A. de Guzman, Teacher in Charge

71. Tigkan Elementary School - Brgy.Tigkan Josefa D. Marasigan, Teacher in Charge

72. Tipas Mangyan School - Brgy.Magtibay Jesseron B. Llamar, Teacher in Charge

73. Tito B. Herrera Memorial Elementary School Brgy.Herrera Linalen L. Mabini, Teacher in Charge

74. V. Delgado Memorial School - Brgy.Pagkakaisa Judith F. Gina, Teacher II

Private Grade Schools

75. San Nicolas de Tolentino School Brgy. Poblacion I 043-208-3484

76. Antipolo Private School Brgy. Antipolo Genoveva S. Moreno, Teacher in Charge

77. Melgar Adventist Elementary School - Brgy. Melgar A Malu Jean A. Mayores School Board Chairman

78. Naujan Christian Baptist Academy (Pre-school) Brgy. Pinagsabangan II

Private High Schools

1.Agustin Gutierrez Memorial Academy (AGMA) - Brgy. Poblacion 1, Naujan

2.Naujan Academy (NA) - Brgy. Poblacion 1, Naujan

Public High Schools

3. Apitong National High School - Brgy. Apitong, Naujan

4. Aurora National High School - Brgy. Aurora, Naujan

5. Doroteo Mendoza National High School(San Agustin NHS – Pagkakaisa Annex) - Brgy. Pagkakaisa, Naujan

6. Evangelista National High School - Brgy. Evangelista, Naujan

7. Melgar National High School - Brgy. Melgar A, Naujan

8. Melgar National High School – Masaguing Annex - Brgy. Masaguing

9. Naujan Municipal High School (MunHi) - Brgy. Andres Ylaga n, Naujan

10. Porfirio Comia Memorial National High School (Barcenaga NHS) - Brgy. Barcenaga, Naujan

11. San Agustin National High school (SANHS) - Brgy. San Agustin, Naujan

12. San Agustin National High School – Laguna Extension - Brgy. Laguna

2010-2013 Directory

  • Municipal Mayor  : MA. ANGELES CARANZO-CASUBUAN Municipal Mayor
  • Sangguniang Bayan  : DEIN Z. ARAGO , Municipal Vice-Mayor
  • Administrator's Office  : ENGR. MABELLE S. GOMBIO, Municipal Administrator
  • Planning and Development Office : RACQUELITA M. UMALI,OIC-MPDC
  • Budget Office  : LILIA M. TAMARES, MBO
  • Accounting  : CARINA CORRO,Accountant
  • Treasury  : ARLEEN B. GUTIERREZ, Treasurer
  • Engineering  : PRECY H. OLMOS,BO
  • Social Welfare and Development  : ABSTINENCIA DE GUZMANMSWDO
  • Agriculture  : ELY VARGAS, Agriculturist
  • Assessor  : VIRGILIO AÑONUEVO, Assessor
  • Health  : DR. MARY JEAN MANALO, Health Officer
  • General Servicer Office  : EDNA LLAMOSO, OIC-MGSO

Sangguniang Bayan Members:

  • Hon. Dein Z. Arago, Vice Mayor
  • Hon. Vilma D. Vargas, Councilor
  • Hon. Jun S. Bugarin, Councilor
  • Hon. Sheryl B. Morales, Councilor
  • Hon. Marion Francis DF. Marcos, Councilor
  • Hon. Clemente B. Carandang, Councilor
  • Hon. Leo D. De Villa, Councilor
  • Hon. Great M. Delos Reyes, Councilor
  • Hon. Arwin Adalia Gayutin, Councilor
  • Hon. Deo Dela Paz, ABC President
  • Hon. Zoren Mauro, SKMF President

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