Didsbury Mosque

Didsbury Mosque
Didsbury Mosque

View from Barlow Moor Road

Basic information
Location England Manchester, England
Geographic coordinates 53°25′22″N 2°14′49″W / 53.42278°N 2.24694°W / 53.42278; -2.24694Coordinates: 53°25′22″N 2°14′49″W / 53.42278°N 2.24694°W / 53.42278; -2.24694
Affiliation Islam
District West Didsbury
Architectural description
Architectural type Church
Completed 1883 / 1962
Capacity 1,000
Dome(s) 0
Minaret(s) 1

The Didsbury Mosque and Islamic Centre is located on Burton Road, West Didsbury in Manchester, England. The building was originally the “Albert Park Methodist Chapel”, which opened for worship in 1883[1], but in 1962 the church closed and was later converted to a Mosque.[2][3] It has an attendance of around 1,000 people.[4]

Mustafa Graf is currently Imam at the Mosque.[4] and the khatib is Salim al-Shaikhi.

The Mosque also broadcasts adhan, prayers, Friday sermon, daily reminders and other talks/lectures given in the mosque prayer hall via UHF Masjid radio channel 10 (operating frequency: 454.125mhz) covering a five-mile radius and is receivable in most parts of south Manchester.


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