Tiegan Brook

Tiegan Brook

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first = January 17, 1997
Episode 2070
last = March 12, 1999
Episode 2570
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gender = Female
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Tiegan Brook was a fictional character in the Australian soap opera "Home and Away".She was a regular on the show from 1997 to 1999 and was portrayed by Sally Marrett.Whether by coincidence or not, her unusual first name is virtually identical to that of Australian "Doctor Who" character Tegan Jovanka.

Character history

Tiegan was originally sent to Summer Bay as a "crisis care" foster child, placed with Pippa Ross on a temporary basis.It quickly became obvious that Tiegan was going to be trouble.She took a cheesecake from the fridge, blaming Sam Marshall, then after a lecture on sharing she made a point of wearing one of Shannon Reed's dresses without asking, before shredding Sally Fletcher's beloved books.The reasons for her behaviour in general and the latter incident in particular became clearer when Joey Rainbow befriended her and learned she was virtually illiterate.Her behaviour was largely an attention-seeking exercise because of her low self-worth.However, just as she was starting to settle in in the Bay her social worker returned with the news that she had been found a permanent placement.Although Tiegan requested to stay in Summer Bay with Pippa and Joey, she was told that would not be possible.

Only a few months later, Tiegan's new foster parents suffered a family tragedy, leaving them unable to care for her.As a result she was sent back to Pippa.Her earlier behaviour meant she wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms by her new foster family.She soon managed to win over Sally and Shannon but Sam was more of a challenge, especially as he had been hoping Aaron Welles would come and stay with them instead.

Tiegan was offered remedial literacy classes at the school but was horrified to find it involved one-on-one tuition with Don Fisher.As usual, however, Don knew exactly how to inspire a love of learning in her and her literacy skills soon improved.

Renewing her friendship with Joey, Tiegan soon found herself developing romantic feelings for him and after she kissed him he decided he quite liked her as well.Casey Mitchell suddenly decided that she was interested in Joey and started a catfight with Tiegan at school which landed them both in detention.After the incident, Casey agreed to back off.Under Joey's influence, Tiegan began to smooth out the rougher edges of her character, losing her quick temper.

Although they had had their problems, Tiegan demonstrated that she was still fond of Sam underneath it all when he was beaten up by Justine Welles' new boyfriend Danny.Tiegan angrily blamed Justine for the incident until Sam revealed she had actually defended him.The two girls patched up their differences and soon became good friends.

When a widower, Ian Routledge, came to stay at the caravan park, Tiegan took it upon herself to play matchmaker between him and Pippa.However, this resulted in Pippa accepting an offer to live with Ian in the Carrington Ranges, leaving her foster children behind.Fortunately for Tiegan and the others, Travis and Rebecca Nash agreed to move into the caravan park to keep an eye on them.

Having a younger couple as their foster parents made the children somewhat uncomfortable, especially given their frequent physical affection, but they soon got used to it. Tiegan showed her maturity when Don got into trouble at school for using a text with a high adult content in class. Turning up at a meeting to discuss the subject, she managed to convince the Bay's adults that the pupils were appreciating the text for the right reasons.That didn't stop her indulging in yet another feud with Sam, which culminated in him placing her hand in a bucket of warm water while she was asleep, after learning it would cause her to wet herself.Tiegan was bullied about the incident at school but Sam came to her defence and they resolved their differences.They then attempted to play the same trick on Justine's annoying new boyfriend Vinnie Patterson, who had taken to hanging around the house, but Rebecca stopped them.

When they learned that one of their classmates, Lillian, had been dealing drugs at school and Don was unable to exclude her, Tiegan, Aaron and Justine went along with Joey's plan to kill her with kindness, annoying her so much that she took a voluntary transfer. Not long after, the youngsters tried to start up a band but creative differences between the two genders resulted in Tiegan, Justine and Gypsy Nash forming their own group, the Broken Dolls, with Vinnie as manager.

After Vinnie had persuaded them to reunite with Joey, Aaron and Tom Nash into a combined group, Frenzy, both Tiegan and Aaron were approached by another group, Monkey Jam, asking them to join.With things on the rocks between her and Joey, Tiegan ended up falling for their leader singer, Colt, and sleeping with him, even after finding out he had a drug habit.Tiegan and Aaron ended up leaving the Bay to go on tour with the group but Tiegan ended up returning after only a few weeks, having decided the life wasn't for her.She got back together with Joey and offered to prove her commitment to him by sleeping with him, although their first attempt was interrupted by Sam and his new girlfriend Hayley Smith.

When Joey was diagnosed with schizophrenia, Tiegan did her best to support him but not long after Ian arrived in the Bay to reveal that Pippa had decided to stay in the Carrington Ranges permanently and all the foster children were welcome to come and live with them. In the end Tiegan was the only one to take them up on the offer and was left to say a tearful farewell to her friends.

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