Zavyalov Island

Zavyalov Island

Zavyalov Island ( _ru. Остров Завьялова, or Ostrov Zav'yalova), formerly Olsky Island (Остров Ольский), is a relatively large island in the Sea of Okhotsk. It is located in the eastern side of the Gulf of Tauisk, 20 km west of Cape Taran, Koni Peninsula, about 50 km south of Magadan.

Zavyalov is a mountainous island; it is 23 km long and 7.5 km wide. The Siberian dwarf Pine "(Pinus pumila)" and the dwarf birch "Betula middendorffii" grow on the island. Its shores are a breeding ground for the steller sea lion. [ [ Sea lions] ]

Administratively Zavyalov Island belongs to the Magadan Oblast of the Russian Federation.


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