United Alliance of Evil

United Alliance of Evil

The United Alliance of Evil is a fictional organization from the Power Rangers television series. Its name, mentioned only in passing in the series "", has been adopted by fans as a description for the forces amassed by Dark Specter in the series "Power Rangers in Space", though the name was not officially used in this context.

Dark Specter

Dark Specter was known throughout the universe as the "Grand Monarch of Evil". Because of this, he brings forth a union of villains including Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox, General Havoc, and Astronema, whom he selected to battle the Space Rangers, and his heir.

*Voiced by Christopher Cho


Astronema is known throughout the universe as the "Princess of Evil", "Dark Princess of Space" and "Princess of Darkness", and later the "Queen of Evil" after Dark Specter's destruction (much to Divatox's dismay).

*Portrayed by Melody Perkins.
*Astronema is known for being 1 of 2 head female villains (the other being Trakeena) in the Power Rangers series to go into hand-to-hand combat with the Rangers themselves. Is really Andros' sister, Karone.


Ecliptor is Astronema's second-in-command. He is a powerful general, capable of holding his own against even the Power Rangers. He raised Astronema to be evil.

*Voiced by Lex Lang.
*One of the few to exhibit the "honorable villain" personality, which was used for Villamax, Diabolico, Zen-Aku, Koragg, and several others.
*Second villain to battle a Megazord one on one after Goldar.


Elgar was the dimwitted nephew of space pirate Divatox and General Havoc. He assisted her in her fight against the Turbo Rangers in any way he could. He was later reassigned by Dark Specter to serve Astronema in battling the Space Rangers.

*Played by Danny Wayne Stallcup (credited as Kenny Graceson for the second half of the season).
*Voiced by Derek Stephen Prince (credited as David Umansky).

Psycho Rangers

The Psycho Rangers were the evil counterparts of the Space Rangers and served under Astronema and later by Deviot. Each of them hide their true, hideous forms called the Psycho Monsters.

;Psycho RedLeader and most powerful of the Psychos, and most impatient. Evil counterpart of the Red Space Ranger. His monster form was that of a Fire monster. Voiced by Patrick David.

;Psycho BlackThe most level-headed and least rebellious of the Psychos. Evil counterpart of the Black Space Ranger. His monster form was that of a Rock monster who could use a rock-like tentacle. Voiced by Michael Maize.

;Psycho BlueMost unstable and insane of the Psychos. Evil counterpart of the Blue Space Ranger. His monster form was that of a Crystalline Ice monster with freezing powers. Voiced by Wally Wingert.

;Psycho YellowLoner, letting others do the dirty work while she claimed victory. Evil counterpart of the Yellow Space Ranger. Her monster form was that of a Lizard-Hornet-like monster. Voiced by Kamera Walton.

;Psycho PinkEvil counterpart of the Pink Space Ranger. Her monster form was that of a Plant-like monster. Voiced by Vicki Davis. Would attempt to use the Savage Sword in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, which lead to the death of Kendrix, the Pink Galaxy Ranger


Darkonda was a bounty hunter who has an intense rivalry with Ecliptor.

*Voiced by Steve Kramer.
*One of the few to exhibit the "traitor villain" personality, which was used for Deviot, Frax, Vexacus, Zeltrax, Broodwing and Imperious.

Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa

Lord Zedd, "Emperor of Evil", was the primary antagonist for the second and third seasons. He, Rita (who he later married), and her minions lord and master. His son, Thrax, tried to restore his evil legacy. In the playstation 2 game Power Rangers Super Legends it is stated that when Lord Zedd became human after the events in Power Rangers in Space he became an arquealogist.

*Portrayed by Ed Neil.
*Voiced by Robert Axelrod.

Rita Repulsa was the primary antagonist for the first season, and later returned during the second season to marry Lord Zedd. She is the daughter of Master Vile and big sister of Rito Revolto. However, during the final confrontation, when Zordon sacrificed himself (at the hands of Andros), Rita was transformed into a good woman, and eventually became Mystic Mother, Empress of Good Magic in . Her son, Thrax, tried to restore her evil legacy.

*Portrayed by Machiko Soga (Japanese footage, 1993-1994, 2006), Carla Perez (American footage, 1994-1998) and Julie Cortez (Australian actress, )
*Voiced by Barbara Goodson (voice - Rita Repulsa) and Susan Brady (voice - Mystic Mother)


Goldar was second-in-command to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd. In season one, he sometimes fought alongside Scorpina. In season three and on, he was often partnered with (against his own will) Rito Revolto.

* First villain to battle a Megazord one on one.

*He was voiced by Kerrigan Mahan.


Finster was a henchman of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd, though mostly the former. he was the original "monster maker" of Power Rangers.

*He was voiced by Robert Axelrod.

Master Vile

Master Vile was the father of Rita Repulsa and Rito Revolto. His home galaxy is the M51 Galaxy. He later gains a grandson in Thrax.

*Voiced by Tom Wyner (uncredited)
*Vile was the first villain to receive the "semi-independent villain position, a role which would later be filled by Louie Kaboom, Prince Gasket, Captain Mutiny, Mandilok, and some of the aliens in SPD.

Machine Empire

The Machine Empire was a massive alien race and galactic empire of mechanical beings, led by the Royal House of Gadgetry, the ruling body of the Machine Empire. It consisted of King Mondo, Queen Machina, Prince Sprocket, and their top servants, Klank and Orbus.

King Mondo

King Mondo, also known as the Machine King, was the ruler of the Machine Empire and the main antagonist in Power Rangers: Zeo.

*Voiced by David Stenstrom.

Queen Machina

Queen Machina is King Mondo's wife, mother of Prince Gasket and Prince Sprocket, and queen of the Machine Empire.

*Voiced by Alex Borstein, and later by Brianne Siddall.

Prince Sprocket

Prince Sprocket was the younger son of King Mondo and Queen Machina. He was spoiled by his parents and liked to play, often with the Rangers.

*Voiced by Barbara Goodson.
*The first child-like villain of Power Rangers.

Klank and Orbus

Klank and Orbus are the top two robots that serve the Royal House of Gadgetry. Klank is a humanoid robot, while Orbus is more of a module.

*Klank was voiced by Oliver Page using a Scottish accent, while Orbus was voiced by Barbara Goodson.


Divatox was the main villainess in Power Rangers: Turbo, and was originally known as the "Queen of Evil", "Dark Queen of Space", and "Queen of Darkness". She and her forces were selected by Dark Specter to constantly move Zordon about from world to world to prevent any of the various Rangers from finding him.

*Portrayed by Hilary Shepard Turner, briefly replaced by Carol Hoyt.


Rygog is second-in-command of Divatox's forces.

*Played by Ed Neil.
*Voiced by Lex lang. (Credited as Alexis Lang)


Porto was an alien resembling a life raft with a porthole in it that has limbs. He was Divatox's top advisor, a Finster-esque character for the Turbo series.

*Voiced by Scott Page-Pagter.

General Havoc

General Havoc is the brother of the space pirate Divatox and uncle of Elgar.

*Voiced by Tom Wyner (uncredited)


=Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Alien Rangers=

While Rita Repulsa was initially the primary villain, the season goes on to establish there are multiple supervillains & evil empires operating in the galaxy, many of which know each other. Lord Zedd was introduced as being an emperor who already rules other worlds (this was later forgotten) and uses villains like Rita as subordinates; Count Dregon (from "Masked Rider", conqueror of Edenoi, is introduced as an old rival of Zedd's; Rita's father Master Vile is introduced as having conquered the M51 galaxy; and Hydro Hog has destroyed multiple planets through dehydration, as well as carrying out a campaign of attempted conquest on Aquitar.

During Power Rangers: Zeo, the Machine Empire is said to have broken away from a "United Alliance of Evil" to pursue independent conquest.

Divatox captures a message from the year 2000, intended for the Rangers, which warns that the galaxy's villains will unite on a campaign of conquest around that time - a premonition of the next season. Dark Specter is mentioned in the finale, and calls Divatox to join his gathering of villains. He also, off-screen, leads a massed attack on Eltar, Zordon's home planet, and conquered it; the Ranger's mentor Dimitria left Earth to assist.

Power Rangers in Space

Forces later commanded by Dark Specter in "Power Rangers in Space" have been collectively dubbed the "United Alliance of Evil" by fans referring to villains, foot soldiers, and monsters within this armada. They appeared in the first episode having a collective celebration over Dark Specter's capturing of Zordon. (The fate of Ranger allies Alpha 5 and Dimitira was never established)

Dark Specter planned to absorb Zordon's power, but constantly had to hide him from the searching Phantom Ranger and Space Rangers, with both Astronema and Divatox assisting.

Eventually Dark Specter ordered an all-out attack on the entire universe, as seen in the episode "Countdown to Destruction". The various factions launched their attacks: Rita and Zedd attacking the Vica Galaxy and capturing the Gold Ranger; the Machine Empire attacking the Phantom Ranger's home world and subduing both him and the Blue Senturion; and Divatox attacking Gratha and overwhelming the Aquitian Rangers of Aquitar. Astronema oversaw the attack on KO-35 and personally led the conquest on Earth, devastating Angel Grove. The death of Specter at the hands of a doomsday weapon (originally planned to destroy Earth) did not prevent the attack but only caused Astronema to seize control of the organization.

However, these forces were defeated when Andros, the Red Space Ranger, shattered Zordon's energy tube, releasing a wave of energy which purified several villains (namely Rita, Zedd, and Divatox) into human forms and vaporized the rest into piles of sand. Astronema was also restored to her normal form of Karone.

The Psycho Rangers survived as data cards and were returned to normal by Deviot. Various monsters and minions survived the Zordon wave and live on the lawless planet Onyx.

The Machine Empire still exists as small, scattered groups under the control of . He and the other surviving generals went into hiding, with Andros tracking their movements, while attempting to find a way to revive their fortunes and achieve vengeance for King Mondo. They eventually unearthed Lord Zedd's giant zord Serpentera on the moon.

It is revealed in the finale that Rita Repulsa had become "Mystic Mother", Empress of all Good Magic.

Five years later, Rita's and Zedd's son, , forms his own alliance of evil, gathering the four factions of villains to destroy the Operation Overdrive Power Rangers.


In this videogame, it is shown that Lord Zedd had returned to his former self and plotted to take over the timeline.

Other Members

Also several members of the United Alliance of Evil have been seen on the Cimmerian planet at the beginning of Power Rangers in Space but were not dealt with. It is unknown if they have survived.
* Scorpina, Rito Revolto, Prince Gasket, Princess Archerina, and Mama D were not seen with the Alliance during the series, making their fate unknown.
* Porto was seen at the first meeting of the Cimmerian planet but was nowhere to be found during the events of Countdown to Destruction.
* Prince Sprocket was seen at the beginning of Countdown to Destruction along with King Mondo and Queen Machina. However when Mondo and Machina attacked a planet, Prince Sprocket did not appear to be present.
* Finster and Goldar were seen during Zedd and Rita's attack on the Vica Galaxy, but not when the energy wave hit.
* Additionally, although part of Dark Specter's original cadre, Master Vile's fate was never shown nor mentioned.

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