StickK, is an internet start-up company that enables users to make commitment contracts in order to reach their personal goals.

These goals may include losing weight or quiting smoking or exercising regularly. Users put their money on the line at and if they fail to meet their goals, this money is forfeited. The interesting thing about this new website is that they allow users to select a charity or an anti-charity as a recipient of this money, if they fail to meet their goals.


stickK was founded by two Yale University professors, Dean Karlan and Ian Ayres, and an MBA student at Yale School of Management, Jordan Goldberg.

Commitment Contracts

There are two kinds of commitment contracts that users can make on stickK:

*"ongoing Commitment Contracts" and
*"one-shot Commitment Contracts"


A "Referee" is an individual or an organization that users can select to monitor the progress of their Commitment Contracts. The Referee can be anyone the user select, a friend, a spouse or even a boss. Every time a user submits a report on, the Referee receives an email notification asking for confirmation of the report´s accuracy. The Referee may then choose to take the user's word for it, or may ask for proof that the user did indeed meet their commitment.


Once users create a commitment contract, they can designate other users and friends as "Supporters". Supporters able to interact with other users. Supports also receive notification emails from stickK on the progress of the people they are supporting.


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