Post-Roman Welsh kingdoms. Dunoding is in the northwest, along the southern edge of the Llŷn Peninsula. The modern Anglo-Welsh border is also shown.

Dunoding was an early sub-kingdom within the Kingdom of Gwynedd in north-west Wales which existed between the 5th and 10th centuries. According to tradition, it was named after Dunod, a son of the founding father of Gwynedd - Cunedda Wledig - who drove the Irish settlers from the area in c.460. The territory existed as a subordinate realm within Gwynedd until the line of rulers descended from Dunod expired in c.925. Following the end of the House of Dunod it was split in to the cantrefi of Eifionydd and Ardudwy and fully incorporated into Gwynedd. After the defeat of the kingdom of Gwynedd in 1283 and its annexation to England the two cantrefi became parts of the counties of Caernarfonshire and Meirionnydd respectively. It is now part of the modern county of Gwynedd within a devolved Wales.

List of the rulers of Dunoding

Later medieval genealogical sources, which need treating with some caution, list the following rulers of Dunoding:

  1. Dunod ap Cunedda (from c.450)
  2. Einion ap Dunod
  3. Dingad ab Einion
  4. Meurig ap Dingad
  5. Einion ap Meurig
  6. Isaag ab Einion
  7. Podgen Hen ab Isaag
  8. Poedlew ap Podgen
  9. Iddon ap Poedlew
  10. Brochfael ab Iddon
  11. Eigion ap Brochfael
  12. Iouanwal ab Eigion
  13. Caradog ab Iouanwal
  14. Bleiddud ap Caradog
  15. Cuhelm ap Bleidudd (c.860 - 925)

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