British people of Antiguan descent

British people of Antiguan descent

"'Ethnic group
group=British people of Antigua and Barbuda descent
flagicon|Antigua and Barbuda flagicon|UK

caption=Notable British people of Antiguan descent:
Wiley, Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Emile Heskey, Baroness Scotland
poptime= Antigua and Barbuda born 2001:
Antigua and Barbuda born and ancestry 2008:
Over 0.01% of the UK's population
popplace=Throughout the UK, in particular Greater London, West Midlands and Greater Manchester
langs=English (British English, Antiguan Creole)
rels=Primarily Protestantism
related=British African-Caribbean community, Caribbean British, Black British, Black African, Mulatto

British people of Antiguan descent (i.e. citizens or residents of the United Kingdom who can trace their roots to the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda) are a subgroup of the British African-Caribbean community and the larger Black British population.


"See: " History of the British African-Caribbean community

The islands of Antigua and Barbuda, originally inhabited by Carib Indians was colonized by Britain in 1632. The population soon became predominantly Black African as slaves where brought across the Atlantic to work in sugar plantations. Antigua and Barbuda remained under British rule until 1967 when it gained its independence. [ [ British asscosiation with Antigua and Barbuda] ] After World War II, the UK's economy was in decline, and to boost the nations workforce it looked towards its former colonies, including Antigua and Barbuda for people willing to move to the UK for work, this is when the first large wave of Antiguans came to the UK. [ [ The Empire Windrush and other Caribbean emmigrants] ] Today the British-Antiguan relationship is described as excellent by the the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, [ [ UK-Antigua and Barbuda Relations] ] hence the UK being a popular destination for Antiguan emmigrants, alongside the strong cultural links as a result of the British rule stated before.


"See: " Demographics of the British African-Caribbean community

According to the 2001 UK Census, around 4,000 people born in Antigua and Barbuda were living in the United Kingdom, this represents around 1.5% of all Caribbean born people living in the country. In 2001, Antigua and Barbuda was the 11th most common birthplace in the Caribbean for British people and 109th most common out of all nations.] It is unknown how many British born people are of Antigua and Barbuda descent, despite Black Caribbean being an official ethnic group in the UK census, this wasn't subcategorised to allow people to claim heritage in the Caribbean nation, and this isn't even considering recent immigrants or those of partial Antiguan descent. Out of the 565,900 Afro-Caribbeans in the UK in 2001, [ [ 2001 UK Census] ] only 254,740 where born in the Caribbean. [ [ BBC Born Abroad, Caribbean] ] The majority of Antiguans in the UK can be found in London (including Bow, Hackney, Leyton, Harlesden and Tottenham), Birmingham, Leicester and Manchester.Fact|date=September 2008


This is a list of famous British people of Antigua and Barbuda descent.
* Jazzie B, Music Producer (Founding member of the musical group Soul II Soul)
* Dexter Blackstock, Footballer (currently at Queens Park Rangers)
* Ben Challenger, Athlete (High Jumper for UK Athletics)
* Romeo Challenger, drummer for the band Showaddywaddy and father of Ben and Tamzin Challenger
* Tamzin Challenger, British Bassline/R&B singer
* Justin Cochrane, Footballer (currently at Millwall F.C.)
* Dion Dublin, Footballer
* Kieron Dyer, Footballer (currently at West Ham)
* Ruel Fox, Footballer (former Tottenham Hotspur, Norwich City and Newcastle United)
* Emile Heskey, Footballer (currently at Wigan Athletic)
* Maurice Hope, Boxer
* Nicola Hughes, Actress
* Marianne Jean-Baptiste, Actress (most notably of Without a Trace)
* Marc Joseph, Footballer (currently at Rotherham United)
* Colin Kazim-Richards, Footballer (currently at Fenerbahçe)
* Ledley King, Footballer (currently at Tottenham Hotspur)
* Mikele Leigertwood, Footballer (Currently at Queens Park Rangers)
* Samuel Martin, Politician
* Baroness Scotland,barrister and the current Attorney General for England and Wales
* Josette Simon, Actress (First black woman in a British sci-fi series (Blake's 7))
* Moira Stuart, Journalist and first African-Caribbean female newsreader on British television
* Wiley - Grime MC and producer

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* Black British
* British Mixed
* Caribbean British
* British African-Caribbean community


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* [ The Antiguan Embassy in London]
* [ BBC Born Abroad - The Caribbean]
* [ Myspace Profile set up in the UK for Antiguans abroad]

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