Fan or FANS may refer to the following:


A device to agitate or move air or other gas

The human powered Fan (implement) is a hand-held implement used by waving it back and forth.

Motor powered Fans: mechanical fans such as oscillating fans, ceiling fans, blowers, etc.
* Centrifugal fan
* Ceiling fan, also available as a floor verity in tropical countries
* Computer fan, also found in a larger form in applications like radio transmitters
* Engine fan - used to cool the engine's coolant when the car is stationary or moving slowly


*Fan (surname) (Chinese character: 范, pinyin: Fàn), a common Chinese surname, singer-songwriter Mavis Fan would be an example.


*"Fan", a Swedish profanity roughly translated as "devil"
*Fan (person), someone who has an intense appreciation for something(s) or someone(s)
*fan (分), or candareen, a Chinese weight unit for 10 cash


*Fans (Web Series)*
*"The Fan" (film) is the title of three films
*The Fan is another name for the La Belle Lucie solitaire game
*Card fan or flourish,, a display of cards in a manner that looks like folding fan

* "Fans" (song), a track of the Kings of Leon album "Because of the Times".
* "Fans" (webcomic), a webcomic by T Campbell


*The Fan or Fan district is a historic district in Richmond, Virginia
*"the Fan" is the nickname for the Beijing National Indoor Stadium


*Sea fan, a marine animal of the Cnidarian phylum


*Triangle fan, a data structure to describe polygons in computer graphics
*fan (geometry), the set of all planes through a given line


*Japanese war fan, an object used in Japanese feudal warfare, also used in martial arts

FAN as an acronym can also mean

*File Area Network
*Fluoride Action Network
*"Fuerza Armada Nacional", Spanish for National Armed Forces, the military of Venezuela
*"Forces Armées du Nord", French for Armed Forces of the North, a Chadian rebel army active during the Chadian Civil War
*Free Amino Nitrogen, in brewing, amino acids available for yeast metabolism

* Future Air Navigation System or FANS is an air traffic control scheme from ICAO also known as CNS/ATM

ee also

* Fandom
* The Fan
* Fan death

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