Healing Process

Healing Process

Infobox Album
Name = Healing process
Type = studio
Artist = Nell

Released = September 29, 2006
Last album = "Walk Through Me"
This album = "Healing Process"
Next album = "Separation Anxiety"

"Healing Process" is Nell's third major album and fifth studio album. After their last album "Walk Through Me", they left Seotaiji Company and released this album in WOOLLIM Entertainment where Epik High is accociated. Nell's music has been often claimed to be largely influenced by Radiohead's music, and indeed their previous albums sound somewhat similar to Radiohead's dreamy, introspective, fantastic and complex music, to some extent. However, this album has Nell's authentic style and sounds as though the band has finally moved far away from Radiohead's style of music.This is a 2CD album with a total of 17 tracks.

Track Listing


# Reality of Reality (현실의 현실)
# Island (섬)
# Good Night
# Counting Pulses
# Longing (그리움)
# Beautiful Day
# Healing (치유)
# Losing My Mind (마음을 잃다)
# Goodbye (안녕히 계세요)
# What do you think? (어떻게 생각해)


# Walking on Ice (얼음산책)
# Meaningless
# A Talk with the Afternoon (오후와의 대화)
# A.S
# Limitation (한계)
# Before 51 minutes (51분전)
# Movie
# Could you Shut Up for a Minute? (1분만 닥쳐줄래요) (Hidden Track)

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