Polish parliamentary election, 1991

Polish parliamentary election, 1991

The Polish parliamentary election in 1991 to the Sejm and the Senate of Poland was held on October 27. In the Sejm elections, 27,517,280 citizens were eligible to vote, 11,887,949 (43.2%) of them cast their votes, 11,218,602 (94.4%) of those were counted as valid. In the Senate elections, 43.2% of citizens cast their votes, 96.5% were valid. It was the first entirely free election in modern Poland. No political party obtained a decisive majority and a coalition government had to be formed. 460 members of parliament ("poseł") were elected; 391 from 6980 candidates from 37 regional lists of candidates and 69 from country-wide lists of candidates.

Elections were supervised by the National Electoral Commission ("Państwowa Komisja Wyborcza"). 37 regional ("okręgowe") commissions were formed, and 22,341 district ("obwodowe"), staffed by 197,389 citizens.

Senate election


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