Jordan (disambiguation)

Jordan (disambiguation)

Jordan is a country in the Middle East.Jordan may also refer to:

Middle Eastern geography

* Jordan, Tehran
* Jordan River

United States geography

* Jordan, Indiana
* Jordan, Iowa
* Jordan, Minnesota, a city in Scott County
* Jordan, Minneapolis, a neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota
* Jordan, Montana
* Jordan, New York
* Jordan, North Carolina
* Jordan, Oregon
* Jordan, Wisconsin

Other geography

* Jordan, Guimaras, Philippines
* Jordan, Hong Kong
* Jordan River, New Zealand
* Czech republic
** Jordán Pond – fishpond in town Tábor
** Jordán (Chlum) – fishpond near by Chlum
** Jordán (brook) – small brook by Labe
** Jordán (Brdy) – hill in Brdy
** Jordán (Posázaví) – hill near by Sázava river
* Jordan, Ontario, Canada


* Jordan (bishop of Poland) (d. 982 or 984), first bishop of Poland
* Jordan of Clivio (d.1120), archbishop of Milan
* Jordan of Saxony (d.1237), Dominican master general
* Jordan Catalani (d.1330), Dominican missionary and explorer


* Alfonso Jordan (d. 1148), count of Toulouse and Tripoli
* Jordan I of Capua, prince of Capua
* Jordan II of Capua, prince of Capua
* Jordan of Ariano (d. 1127), Norman count
* Jordan of Hauteville (d. 1092), count of Syracuse
* William-Jordan (d. 1109), count of Cerdagne and Tripoli
* Jordan IV (d. 1288), Lord of L'Isle-Jourdain


* Jordan (Katie Price) (born 1978), British glamour model
* Jordan (Pamela Rooke) (born 1955), a British Punk rock fashion model and actress
* Jordan Capri, a nude teen model


* Jordan Pierleoni, leader of the Commune of Rome

People with the given name or surname "Jordan"

* Jordan (name)
* Jordán


* Jordan (song), a Buckethead song.
* Jordan, a hymn tune by American shape-note composer William Billings
* Jordan a song the album "Kopfschuss" by the band Megaherz
* Jordan Rudess, the current keyboardist for the progressive metal band Dream Theater
* Jordan, a song by the English folk band Bellowhead


*Michael Jordan, former NBA player and current Managing Member of Basketball Operations of the Charlotte Bobcats
** Air Jordan, brand of Nike basketball shoes named after Michael Jordan
* Jordan Grand Prix, Formula One racing team active from 1991 to 2005
** Eddie Jordan, owner of Jordan Grand Prix
* Lee Roy Jordan, Dallas Cowboys All-Pro linebacker
* Brian Jordan, former American baseball player
* Jeffrey Jordan, University of Illinois basketball player
* Jordan Farmar, Los Angeles Lakers basketball player


* Jordan = Jordanus de Nemore, 13th-century European mathematician
* Camille Jordan – a French mathematician.
* Gauss–Jordan elimination, version of Gaussian elimination in mathematics
* Jordan algebra, a non-associative algebra over a field
* Jordan curve theorem in topology
* Jordan decomposition of a measure
* Jordan measure or Jordan content, an early form of measure
* Jordan normal form or Jordan canonical form of a matrix
* Jordan's lemma in complex analysis
* Jordan's theorem (multiply transitive groups)
* Jordan–Schönflies theorem in geometric topology
* Jordan-Hölder theorem in group theory


* "Crossing Jordan", an NBC television drama that first aired in 2001
* Jordan Sullivan, a character in the NBC sitcom "Scrubs"
* Jordan Catalano, a character in the television series "My So-Called Life", played by Jared Leto
* Jordan Todosey, Canadian television actress


* Robert Jordan, fantasy author


* Jordan Almonds, a type of candy that is popular at weddings
* Jordan Motor Company, an automobile manufacturer of the 1920s
* A "jordan", in the Middle Ages, was a flask in which a physician would collect a patient's urine for uroscopy

See also

* Jordán
* Jordans
* Jordanes, 6th century bishop and historian
* Jordanus de Nemore (also known as Jordanus Nemorarius), 13th-century European mathematician

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