Farewell, Nervosa

Farewell, Nervosa

Infobox Television episode | Title = Farewell, Nervosa
Series = Frasier
Season = 10
Episode = 20
Airdate = 22nd April 2003
Guests = Elvis Costello (Ben)
John Hannah (Avery McManus)
Alex Borstein (Evelyn)
Amy Hill (Maureen Nervosa)
Matt Besser (coffee guy)
Writer = Eric Zicklin
Director = Kelsey Grammer
Prev = Some Assembly Required
Next = The Devil and Dr. Phil
Episode list = List of Frasier episodes

"Farewell Nervosa" is the twentieth episode of American sitcom "Frasier" season 10.

Cast and characters

Main cast and characters

*Kelsey GrammerDr. Frasier Crane
*David Hyde PierceDr. Niles Crane
*John MahoneyMartin Crane
*Jane LeevesDaphne Moon
*Peri GilpinRoz Doyle

Recurring cast

*Felicity Huffman – Julia Wilcox

Plot outline

Frasier has hired an old friend from his Oxford days, Avery McManus, as his accountant, and his spending habits are already causing some concern. Following a difficult meeting, Frasier seeks sanctuary in Café Nervosa with Niles, only to discover that they now have a loud folk singer playing afternoons there. Frasier voices his objections, but ends up crossing the establishment owner, Maureen Nervosa, and in the end feels compelled to leave. He and Niles spend some time trying, unsuccessfully, to find an alternative regular café. During his search, he is shocked to discover Julia Wilcox, a condescending co-worker from KACL, in the arms of his accountant. Knowing that Avery is married, Frasier is faced with an ethical dilemma as to whether he should tell Julia this fact. Niles, meanwhile, is unable to keep away from Nervosa.

Episode Title Cards

*"Three days and five coffee shops later…"

Memorable Quotations

"Frasier arrives home after his meeting with Avery"
Martin: Hey Fras’, how was your trip to the accountant?
Frasier: "(distracted)" Fine, er, fine…why are all these lights on?

"Evelyn has just finished taking a phonecall from her children’s nanny"
Evelyn: Sorry about that. Susie got stuck in the laundry chute again.
Daphne: Aww, poor thing. How old is she?
Evelyn: What’s the difference? After tomorrow, she’s not our nanny anymore.

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