Pink Collar

Pink Collar

"Pink Collar" is an ABC sitcom which just only pilot episode aired. It stars Alicia Silverstone, Charlotte Ross, Matt Malloy, and Ryan Michelle Bathe. TV-Pilot set in an accident insurance agency, Pink Collar talking about the lives of four woman as they juggle their ambitions, friendships, and relationships in work place. Hayden (portrayed by Silverstone) is the show's main character who is struggling to get back into the company's good graces after an unmentioned incident that took place years ago.

Alan Poul, David Knoller and Patricia Breen were behind this project.


Take Hayden is a hard worker who hates office politics. Hayden's career has been defined by one small but lasting workplace fiasco that occurred years ago. Trying to get back into the company's good graces, Hayden must compete with her best friend Claire for a promotion. Claire is the ultimate competitor, and is determined to make VP by the time she's 30 – but when she unexpectedly finds out she's pregnant, Claire begins to wonder if a woman has to make a choice between career and motherhood. Both women are under the watchful eye of Eve, the ultimate political machine who isn't afraid to ruffle feathers (or sleep with a coworker) to establish her place in the office hierarchy. Then there's Alix, the newbie who's got everything going for her: beauty, an MBA degree and minority status. As compassion and competition collide, all of these women must balance the wonderful, yet difficult, issues that arise when you're working with (and competing with) your friends.


*Alicia Silverstone: Hayden Flynn
*Ryan Michelle Bathe: Alix
*Hedy Burress: Claire
*Kristin Bauer: Eve
*Reggie Austin: Steve P
*Matt Malloy: Marcel
*Steve Cell: Meeting Executive
*Michael Miranda: Doug Woo
*Linda Phillips-Palo:Plant Lady
*Michael Silva: Lawson (voice)

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