Legislative Assemblies of Canadian provinces and territories

Legislative Assemblies of Canadian provinces and territories

This is a list of the Legislative Assemblies of Canada's provinces and territories.
*Governing parties are shown by shading.

*1 "Provincial parties" are parties that use the provinces name followed by "Party" or something similar. These include the Saskatchewan Party in Saskatchewan, the Parti Québécois in Quebec and the Yukon Party in the Yukon as well as minor parties in some other provinces.
*2 Nunavut and the Northwest Territories do not have formal political parties.
*3 Not aligned with the federal party.

Defunct legislative houses

* Legislative Council of Quebec (1867–1968)
* Legislative Council of Nova Scotia (–1928)
* Legislative Council of New Brunswick (–1892)
* Legislative Council of Manitoba (1870–1876)
* Legislative Council of Prince Edward Island (–1893)
* Legislative Council of Newfoundland (1854–1934)
* Council of Keewatin, appointed legislative council for the District of Keewatin 1876–1905

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