Andrew Murray, 1st Viscount Dunedin

Andrew Murray, 1st Viscount Dunedin

Andrew Graham Murray, 1st Viscount Dunedin GCVO, PC (21 November 1849–21 August 1942) was a Scottish politician and judge.

Member of Parliament for Bute and Caithness from 1891 to 1905, Murray was appointed Solicitor General for Scotland from 1891–1892 and from 1895–1896, and Lord Advocate 1896–1903. He was appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1896. He was Secretary for Scotland in the Balfour government from 1903–1905.

On leaving Parliament in 1905, Murray was appointed to the bench as Lord Justice General and created Baron Dunedin on 9 March 1905. He held this post until 1913, when he was appointed a Lord of Appeal in Ordinary. He retired in 1932.

He was Lord Lieutenant of Buteshire from 1901 to 1905. He was created Viscount Dunedin on 17 Feb 1926, with both the Barony and Viscountcy becoming extinct on his death. He was, in addition, appointed a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order in 1922 [LondonGazette |issue=32749 |date=22 September 1922 |startpage=1 ] .


Lord Dunedin's gave long majority judgments in cases including: Metropolitan Water Board v Dick Kerr & Co Ltd [ [1918] AC 119] concerning frustration and Tredegar v. Harwood [ [1929] A.C. 72] concerning a landlord's liability to insure premises, Ellerman Lines Ltd v Murray [ [1931] A.C. 126] on employment law and excessive reliance on a preamble or draft international instrument, Sorrel v Smith [ [1925] A.C. 700] concerning the tort of conspiracy to interfere with a trade or calling, Leyland Shipping Co Ltd v Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Ltd [ [1918] A.C. 350] on causation in tort, Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Co Ltd v New Garage & Motor Co Ltd [ [1915] A.C. 79] on penalty clauses and Plumb v Cobden Flour Mills Co Ltd [ [1914] A.C. 62] on employer's liability.


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