Lord Nemesis

Lord Nemesis

Lord Nemesis is a fictional archvillain from the video games "City of Heroes" and "City of Villains" developed by Cryptic Studios.

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Little is truly known about the enigmatic Lord Nemesis. He is the self anointed "Prussian Prince of Automatons", based upon that and the style of uniform that his soldiers wear, it can be assumed that he is of European (German) descent and is in fact as old as rumours claim him to be. His true face has not been seen in over a century, in an attempt to preserve himself, he has purposefully sealed himself inside one of his many suits of armour, supposedly fashioned into his likeness.

Lord Nemesis is a very charismatic individual, and a brilliant mind, able to rival the scientific minds of the time, such as Lord Recluse, Vandal of the Council, and Weaver One of the Arachnos Orb Weavers. With his undying charisma, and several unknown methods, he has raised himself a deadly army of 19th century styled soldiers.

Some of his greatest achievements stand upon the threshold of changing the very scope of humanity. At the conclusion of World War II, Lord Nemesis successfully overthrew the United States, and crowned himself the Emperor of the Americas, implementing several fail-safe measures to make sure no one tried to question him. His reign was unfortunately short, and he was dethroned by the returning heroes that had gone to fight in Europe. His other large achievement, or perhaps his greatest blunder, was the instigation of the Rikti War. Utilizing advanced Automaton replicas he had designed and built himself of the Freedom Phalanx, Lord Nemesis used Portal Technology, also designed and built himself, to send the automatons to attack the Rikti Homeworld. Having being provoked like this, the Rikti began a war that nearly brought the Earth to its knees, taking with it thousands of human and Rikti casualties, and the destruction of most of the Worlds Heroes, including the British signature Hero, Hero 1.

Lord Nemesis' other achievements lie in his indirect approach to Paragon City. He is responsible for many villain groups in the game, including the Family, a criminal organization much like the mafia, and the Sky Raiders, a band of mercenaries that utilize cutting edge technology. He is the finanacial backer of these groups, and many others, giving subtle orders and ideas from the shadows.


Lord Nemesis is an extremely adept tinkerer and engineer, and uses his genius intellect to build many weapons, devices and other pieces of technology for use by his army. While his steam and clockwork creations may appear old fashioned, they are some of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet, outperforming almost all of the world's militaries, and even rivaling the technologies of alien species, including the Rikti.

Nemesis Staff

Lord Nemesis' most recognizable invention is the Nemesis Staff. The top of the Nemesis Staff consists of a single large gear two small cogs that continuously rotate around at the center, which seems to generate energy. The staff can hurl bolts of this energy which can hit with enough force to knock back or disorient targets.

Nemesis Rifle

The standard Nemesis Assault Rifle only slightly resembles it's modern day counterparts, and, like most of Lord Nemesis' infantry weapons, includes an underslung bayonet. It generally fires 3-round bursts.

torm Rifle

The primary support weapon of Lord Nemesis' army. The Storm Rifle is a long-barreled, blunderbuss-like weapon with an underslung bayonet attachment. While it appears old fashioned, it is capable of launching rounds that explode with the force of a grenade or rocket over long distances.


The Lance is another well recognized weapon used by Lord Nemesis' army. It is simillar in appearance to the Storm Rifle, but has a much longer barrel. Like the Storm Rifle, it can fire explosive rounds, and can also fire grenades loaded with a caustic gas. The Lance's bayonet creates an unusual explosive effect when it strikes a target that is capable of disorienting it.

Gatling-Flamer Gun

An unusual weapon that combines the functionality of a gatling gun and flamethrower into one weapon. Unlike Nemesis' other infantry weapons, it lacks a bayonet. It is used only by the most elite soldiers of Lord Nemesis' army.


Lord Nemesis' most sinster inventions are automatons that are fully capable of replicating living beings. They are commonly used by Lord Nemesis for infiltration and sabotage, and many of them are walking around the streets of Paragon City or the Rogue Isles keeping eyes on the heroes and villains there in the form of civillians. Players can occasionally encounter them after completing a mission against Nemesis, when they'll begin to congratulate the hero and then suddenly say something like "Lord Nemesis is watching you". It is also probable that these automatons make up a sizeable portion of Lord Nemesis' "human" soldiers. Nemesis has also used these machines to replicate other beings besides Paragon's civillians, including, but not limited to, Arachnos troops, the Freedom Phalanx and even Rikti.


Jaegers are the smallest fighting automatons used by Lord Nemesis. They consist of a hollow, ball-like chassis with four spider-like legs. Jaegers carry a number of unique weapons inside of their chassis, including maces, saws and integrated versions of the guns used by Lord Nemesis' footsoldiers.

War Hulk

Perhaps the most dangerous invention of the Brass Prince, the War Hulk is a large, steam-powered killing machine. They are armed with a variety of weapons including a shredding power-claw, an explosive projectile weapon known as a Storm Cannon, and a flamethrower. Despite their appearance, they are not automatons, but armored exo-suits piloted by a single soldier sitting in a tank of green-tinted fluid.

Fake Nemesis

Lord Nemesis has built multiple copies of his own armored suit, each of which is an automaton in it's own right. Like their master, they wield the deadly Nemesis Staff and utilize force fields to defend the troops under their command. They are, however, not as strong as the real Nemesis, and are in turn easier to defeat. The presence of these automatons make the chances of a hero destroying the real Nemesis incredibly slim, further adding to the layers of deception surrounding Lord Nemesis.


Lord Nemesis himself is not given a specific archetype it the game. Much like his creations, the Fake Nemesis, he is wields powerful forcefields and the Nemesis staff. He resides inside one of these suits, and utilizes all of their powers, including several additional abilities the Fake Nemesis do not display.


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