King Mingyinyo is the first King of Toungoo Dynasty. He became King in AD 1486. He ruled energetically from 1486 to 1531. Due to his diplomatic, military and administrative skills, Toungoo expanded significantly and was able to remain as an independent state even though Toungoo did send Tribute to The Kingdom of Innwa which is to the north of Toungoo. He also built a fabulous palace in a new city. Dring his reign, the population of Toungoo increased and many Burmese minsters and government officilas of Innwa Kingdom moved to Toungoo and served Mingyinyo.He was succeeded by his son, Tabinshwehti(1531-1550).He maintained peace and prosperity during his reign, even though he did not expand the Toungoo as much as Tabinshwehti did. Tabinshwehti united the whole lower Burma.


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* http://web.soas.ac.uk/burma/3.2files/02Mingyinyo2.pdf

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