Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh

Ahmad Ali Al Sayegh is a Bahrany, not as a local from Bahrain, but as a person who originally came from that region of the Persian Gulf before his ancestors migrated to what is now the UAE. He comes from a well known shia family and his family has been in the UAE for more than five (5) generations. He serves in a number of key capacities in Abu Dhabi. Al Sayegh started his career at the Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation and would eventually become its Finance Director. Today when , he has left ADNOC for other engagements in Abu Dhabi's corporate sector.

Here are some of the positions he currently holds:

Board Member of the UAE Offsets Group (UAE)

CEO of Dolphin Energy Limited (UAE)

Deputy Chairman of First Gulf Bank (UAE)

Members Board of management Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority (UAE)

Deputy Chairman of Abu Dhabi Ship Building (UAE)

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