Give Up the Ghost

Give Up the Ghost

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Name = Give Up the Ghost

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Background = group_or_band
Origin = Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Instruments = Guitar, Vocals, Bass, Drums
Genre = Hardcore Punk
Years_active = 1998 – 2004
Label = Bridge Nine Equal Vision Records
Current_members = Wes Eisold (vocals)Cite web|url=|title=Equal Vision Official Website - Give Up the Ghost|accessdate=2007-04-04|publisher=Equal Vision Records]
Tim Cossar (guitar)
Brian Masek (guitar)
Jarvis "Josh" Holden (bass)
Alex Garcia-Rivera (drums)
Past_members = Jesse "Standhard" Gustafson (bass)
Matt Woods (bass)
Jarod Alexander (drums)
Jesse Van Diest (drums)
Azy Relph (guitar)
Zachary Wilson (bass)
Frank Iero (guitar)

Give Up the Ghost was a short-lived and highly influential hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts.


Give Up the Ghost was formed when Tim Cossar and Wesley Eisold (who was then a roadie for Ten Yard Fight) met up with Azy Relph and Jesse Van Diest in 1998. They recorded a demo tape in 1999, followed by their debut release, a self-titled 7", on Bridge 9 Records under their original name American Nightmare in 2000. After extensive touring and line-up changes, the band recorded their second release 7", The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter. This was later combined with their self-titled effort to form Year One, which was released posthumously.

Their debut full-length, Background Music, was recorded for Equal Vision Records in 2001 and was released to much acclaim. In 2003, the band faced a legal battle with a similarly named band, a Misfits cover band, from Philadelphia. The band then changed their name briefly to the initials "A.N." then to American Nothing for a brief period. After the other American Nightmare threatened to press charges again, they changed their name to Give Up the Ghost (which was intended to be the name of their second album). [cite web | url = | title = American Nightmare change their name | accessdate = 2007-04-01 | publisher = | date = 2003-03-17 | language = English ] Their second full length, "We're Down Til We're Underground" released on Equal Vision Records, displayed the band experimenting with their sound, with longer songs that didn't follow the typical hardcore songwriting formula they had adhered to in their previous releases. The band toured the world with bands such as: Every Time I Die, My Chemical Romance and Avail.

Breakup and aftermath

The band broke up suddenly in June 2004, a day after announcing the cancellation of a European tour. [cite web
title = Give Up The Ghost Cancel UK Dates | url =
publisher = Rock Sound magazine| accessdate = 2007-04-04
] The band issued a statement which cited "health and personal reasons" for the split. [cite web
title = Give Up The Ghost Give Up The Ghost! | url =
publisher = Metal Hammer| accessdate = 2007-04-04
] Give Up the Ghost's success, combined with the success of contemporary Boston bands like The Suicide File, cemented the position of the Boston scene as the bellwether for new trends during the early 2000s. Members went on to join/form other bands such as Some GirlsCite web|url=,,2910001,00.html|title=ARTISTdirect - Some Girls|accessdate=2007-04-04|publisher=ARTISTdirect] , XO Skeletons, Ye Olde Maids, Head Automatica, [cite web| title = Head Automatica biography | url =
publisher = Yahoo Music| accessdate = 2007-04-04
] Bars and the Hope Conspiracy.Frank Iero of My Chemical Romance also used to play with the band as a guitarist.Give Up the Ghost came back into the headlines in 2007 under accusations that Fall Out Boy had taken lyrics from Wes Eisold, the band's lyricist, resulting in an out-of-court settlement and a credit in the liner notes of both the multi-platinum selling "From Under the Cork Tree" and "Infinity on High".Cite web|url=|title=Fall Out Boy's Local Lyricist|accessdate=2007-04-04||year=2007|author=Dan Goss|work=Fall Out Boy's local lyricist]


*"4 Song Demo" Tape/7" (1999) - Self Released/Malfunction
*"American Nightmare" 7" (2000) - Bridge 9 Records
*"The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter" 7" (2001) - Bridge 9 Records
*"Background Music" CD/LP (2001) - Equal Vision Records
*"Black on Black: A Tribute to Black Flag (song: Depression)" (2002) - Initial
*"Love American" CDep (2003) - Bridge 9 Records/Equal Vision Records
*"We're Down Til We're Underground" CD/LP (2003) - Equal Vision Records
*"Live in London" 7" (2003) - Bridge 9 Records
*"Year One" CD/2x7" (2004) - Reflections Records/Bridge 9 Records


External links

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* [ Bridge 9 Records]
* [ Equal Vision Records]
* [ Interview w/ Wes Eisold (Feb. 2007)]

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