Toshiba CIX40 Business Telephone System

The Toshiba CIX40 is the smallest business telephone system in the Toshiba CIX Business Telephone Series and is the primary system for branch offices and consumers with small telecommunication needs. Despite its size, Toshiba claims the CIX40 still retains the major features of the larger systems in the family. [ [ Toshiba CIX40 General Description] ]

The unit ships with a 'default plug and play configuration' [ [ Toshiba CIX40 General Description] ] that supports the system itself and the main voicemail unit associated with the CIX40. Additionally programming can be done by using the proprietary Toshiba eManager software package. Programming a Toshiba CIX does have a learning curve and it would be difficult for a new user to perform maintenance on their system initially. Tutorials and installation manuals are scarce online and almost all information regarding this system is in print media distributed by Toshiba. Toshiba has be reluctant to supply end users with installation and maintenance material but there are independent sites that provide written and video tutorials of basic administration of the system. [ [ Toshiba Business Telephone Systems Video Tutorials] ]

The CIX40 is designed to be wall mounted and is most often attached to telecommunications backboard. The primary method for connecting the system to a non-VoIP voice network is through a 25 pair Category 3 feeder cable that attaches to the cards inside the system and is punched down to a 110 block or 66 block punchdown block.


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