Infobox Ort in Österreich
image_photo = Leonding Stadtplatz Weihnachten.jpg
Art = Stadtgemeinde
Name = Leonding
Wappen =
lat_deg = 48 | lat_min = 16 | lat_sec = 0
lon_deg = 14 | lon_min = 15 | lon_sec = 0
Karte =
Lageplan =
Lageplanbeschreibung =
Bundesland = Oberösterreich
Bezirk = Linz-Land
Höhe = 289
Fläche = 24.05
Einwohner = 22893
Stand = 2005-01-01
PLZ = 4060
Vorwahl = 0732
Kfz = LL
Gemeindekennziffer = 41012
NUTS = AT312
Adresse = Stadtplatz 1
4060 Leonding
Website = [http://www.leonding.at www.leonding.at]
Bürgermeister = Herbert Sperl
Partei = SPÖ
Gemeinderatanzahl =
Gemeinderat =

Leonding is a city situated to the southwest of Linz, Austria in the state of Upper Austria. It has a population of about 22,269 (2001 census) and an area of 24.05 km². It borders Puchenau and the river Danube in the north, Wilhering and Pasching in the west, Traun in the south and Linz in the east.

It is very close to Linz and offers a beautiful view of the Alps and therefore attracts the upper social classes for living without providing much infrastructure on its own. Due to the proximity of Linz and the good transport connection (like Westbahn, Westautobahn, "B1 Wiener Straße" or Linz Airport) it attracts companies like Rosenbauer, Ebner Industrieofenbau, Poloplast or Neuson. Another major employer is the UNO Shopping Center (approximately 850 jobs).

From 1898 to 1905 Adolf Hitler lived in Leonding where he attended the local primary school and later a grammar school in nearby Linz. The graves of his parents Alois and Klara are in Leonding. His brother Edmund was buried there too. Hitler visited the grave of his parents in 1938. In 1903 Hitler's father died when drinking a glass of wine in a bar in Leonding.

Leonding is split up in 22 localities: Aichberg, Alharting, Berg, Bergham, Buchberg, Doppl, Enzenwinkl, Felling, Friesenegg, Gaumberg, Haag, Hart, Holzheim, Imberg, Jetzing, Leonding, Reith, Rufling, St. Isidor, Staudach, Untergaumberg and Zaubertal (Graben).

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