Settlement of the Thousand

Settlement of the Thousand

The Settlement of the Thousand ( _he. התיישבות האלף, "Hityashvut HaElef") refers to two separate Zionist schemes to settle Jewish families on farms in Mandate Palestine. The first started in September 1926, [ [ Zionism: The first 100 years 1882-2002] Jewish Agency for Israel] the second in 1932. [ Settlement of the Thousand] Kibbutz Shiller] The aim of both schemes was to settle 1,000 families on agricultural lots.

1932 scheme

The 1932 scheme was a response to the 1929 Palestine riots, and aimed to establish small agricultural settlements around the larger Jewish towns and moshavot and help defend them against Arab rioters. The first takers of the deal generally received a modest home and around 15 dunams of land. Although only 437 families were settled in the end, it resulted in the creation of several moshavim, including Avihayil, Beit Oved, Gibton, Givat Hen, Kfar Bilu, Kfar Hess and Neta'im.

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