List of candidates in the United States presidential election, 2008

List of candidates in the United States presidential election, 2008

The following are lists of candidates in the 2008 United States presidential election. Candidates who are not on any state ballots, withdrew from the race, suspended their presidential campaign, or failed to earn their party's nomination are listed separately.

Party nominees

All candidates in the table below are on the ballot in multiple states. Those who are on the ballot in enough states to win a majority in the U.S. Electoral College are marked in bold. Candidates who are on the ballot in no more than one state are listed in the next section.

Ron Paul is on the ballot in Louisiana with Barry Goldwater, Jr. on the Louisiana Taxpayers Party line [] and in Montana with Michael Peroutka on the Montana Constitution Party line, even though the latter is associated with the national Constitution Party. [] Paul is no longer running for president and has asked to be removed from the ballot. On 10 September 2008, Paul confirmed his open endorsement for Baldwin, Barr, McKinney, and Nader at a press conference in Washington D.C. [ Ron Paul urges voters to skip McCain, Obama] , Retrieved on 2008-09-10.] He later appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer" with Nader where they presented and briefly laid out the four principles that these candidates had agreed on as the most important key issues of the presidential race. [The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, CNN, September 10, 2008 [] ]

;Other candidatesThe tickets below are on the ballot in no more than one state. Those appearing on a single state's ballot are in bold, all others are write-in candidates. Those without party labels are independents. Some do not have vice-presidential candidates.
*Donald K. Allen/Christopher D. Borcik (Ohio)
*Jonathan Allen/Jeffrey Stath (Heartquake '08—Colorado, write-in in Texas and Ohio)
*Lawson Bone (Indiana and Utah)
*Jeff Boss/Andrea Marie Psoras (Vote Here—New Jersey)
*Santa Claus [ WSAZ News Channel 3 "W.Va. Write-In Candidates Include Santa Claus" Sept. 25, 2008.] (West Virginia)
*Richard Duncan/Ricky Johnson (Ohio)
*Michael Faith (Indiana)
*James R. Germalic/Martin Wishnatsky (Ohio)
* Mark Graham (Utah)
*Leonard Habermehl (Kentucky)
*Thaddaus Hill/Gordon F. Bailey (Texas)
* Ronald Hobbs (Utah)
*Yonyuth Hongsakaphadana (New Hampshire)
*Keith Judd (Kentucky)
*Lou Kujawski (Indiana)
*Bradford Lyttle/Abraham Bassford (United States Pacifist Party—Colorado)Cite web |url= |title=U.S. Pacifist Party homepage]
*Frank McEnulty/David Mangan (Colorado) [McEnulty is both the New American Independent Party presidential nominee, and also the Reform Party vice-presidential nominee, but is on the Colorado ballot as an independent. [ McEnulty's presidential campaign site] ]
* Frank Moore/Susan Block (Utah)
*Kevin Mottus (Indiana)
*Gary Nettles/Brad Krones (Florida)
*John Joseph Polachek (New Party—Illinois) [" [ No Illinois Challenges to Any Presidential Petition] ", "Ballot Access News", 30 June 2008 (accessed 17 September 2008).]
*John Plemons (Indiana)
*Platt Robertson/Scott Falls (Ohio)
*Joe Schriner/Dale Way (Ohio)

Although Guam has no votes in the Electoral College, they have held a straw poll for their presidential preferences since 1980. In 2008, their ballot will include Barr, McCain, and Obama. Initially, their legislature passed a law moving that poll forward to gain notoriety for Guam's election;Cite web |url= |title=Guam Legislature Moves General Election Presidential Vote to the September Primary | |date=2008-07-10 |accessdate=2008-09-17] the legislation was vetoed and the poll will take place contemporaneously with the proper election.Cite web |url= |title=Guam Bill to Move Presidential Election from November to September is Vetoed | |date=2008-07-25 |accessdate=2008-09-17]

Primary and convention candidates

*Jared Ball (Green)
*Joe Biden (Democratic)
*Sam Brownback (Republican)
*Eric Chester (Socialist)
*Stephen Colbert (Democratic)
*Hillary Clinton (Democratic)
*Chris Dodd (Democratic)
*Susan Gail Ducey (Constitution)
*John Edwards (Democratic)
*Mike Gravel (Democratic, Libertarian)
*Rudy Giuliani (Republican)
*Mike Huckabee (Republican)
*Duncan Hunter (Republican)
*Daniel Imperato (Constitution, Libertarian)
*Mike Jingozian (Libertarian)
*Jesse Johnson (Green)
*Alan Keyes (Republican, Constitution)
*Steve Kubby (Libertarian)
*Dennis Kucinich (Democratic)
*Kent Mesplay (Green)
*Ralph Nader (Green)
*Ron Paul (Republican)
*George Phillies (Libertarian)
*Bill Richardson (Democratic)
*Max Riekse (Constitution)
*Mitt Romney (Republican)
*Wayne Allyn Root (Libertarian)
*Mary Ruwart (Libertarian)
*Christine Smith (Libertarian)
*Kat Swift (Green)
*Tom Tancredo (Republican)
*Fred Thompson (Republican)
*Tom Vilsack (Democratic)

Democratic Party primary ballot access

Republican Party primary ballot access

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