Wireless engineering

Wireless engineering

Wireless Engineering is the branch of engineering which refers specifically to the design, implementation, and research of wireless communication systems and technologies.


Wireless technologies have skyrocketed since their late 19th Century advancements. With the invention of the FM Radio in 1935, wireless communications have become a concentrated focus of both private and government sectors.
Auburn University's College of Engineering was the first in the United States to offer a formalized degree in such a field (via Samuel Ginn, an Auburn alumnus).cite web
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Engineers within this field apply principles of engineering to fundamentally solve problematic areas within the wireless communication field. Academically, wireless engineering is broken into two main categories: electrical engineering (pertaining to circuit design, electronic and digital systems, electromagnets, etc.), and software-oriented wireless engineering (communications networks, wireless applications, systems software, etc.)cite web
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Wireless engineering contains a wide spectrum of application, most notably cellular networks. The recent popularity of cellular networks has created a vast career demand with a large repository. The popularity has also sparked many wireless innovations, such as increased network capacity, 3G, cryptology and network security technologies.Wireless engineers may also be employed by government agencies seeking to conduct espionage, or attempting to create more secure communication environments.


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