46th Emperor of the Roman Empire

Aureus of Emperor Florian.
Reign 276
Full name Marcus Annius Florianus (from birth to accession);
Caesar Marcus Annius Florianus Augustus (as emperor)
Died 276
Place of death Tarsus, Cilicia[1]
Predecessor Tacitus
Successor Probus

Florianus (Latin: Marcus Annius Florianus Augustus;[2] died 276), also known as Florian, was Roman Emperor for a few months in 276.



Hercules crowning Florianus.[3]

Florian was reportedly a maternal half-brother to the Emperor Marcus Claudius Tacitus.[4] Appointed Praetorian Prefect in Tacitus's army in his campaign against the Goths,[5] according to the available sources, he was chosen by the army in the West to succeed Tacitus in 276, without the Roman Senate consensus.[6] However he minted coins bearing the "SC" legend, thus showing some bonds to the Senate.[7]

He was fighting against the Heruli when the army in the East elected Probus.[8] He had the support of Italia, Gaul, Hispania, Britain, Africa, and Mauretania.[9] The two rival emperors met in battle in Cilicia. Florianus had the larger army, but Probus was a more experienced general, and avoided a direct clash.[10] Florian's western army was unused to the dry and hot eastern climate[11] and Probus likely secured a small victory, and Florian was assassinated by his own troops near Tarsus once their confidence was lost.[12] Florianus died in September 276, having been emperor for only eighty-eight days.[13]


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