Acanthotetilla celebensis

Acanthotetilla celebensis

name = "Acanthotetilla celebensis"
image_caption =

image_width =
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Porifera
classis = Demospongiae
ordo = Spirophorida
familia = Tetillidae
genus = "Acanthotetilla"
species = "A. celebensis"
binomial = "Acanthotetilla celebensis"
binomial_authority = de Voogd & van Soest, 2007

"Acanthotetilla celebensis" is a species of demosponge belonging to the family Tetillidae. It is only known from a single specimen collected at a depth of 14 m off Bunaken Island, north Sulawesi, Indonesia.

This firm yellow sponge is roughly hemispherical and around 12 cm across. Like other "Acanthotetilla" species, it is characterized by the presence of distinctive spiny spicules called "megacanthoxeas". This sponge, however, differs from the other described species in that the megacanthoxeas exist in two distinctly different sizes as opposed to being uniform in size.


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