29th century BC

29th century BC

The 29th century BC is a century which lasted from the year 2900 BC to 2801 BC.


*c. 2900 BC2400 BCSumerian pictographs evolve into phonograms.
*2900 BC–2334 BCMesopotamian wars of the Early Dynastic period.
*c. 2900 BC–2600 BC — Votive statues, from the Square Temple, Eshnunna (modern Tell Ashmar, Iraq) was made. It is now in the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago. Excavated 19321933.
*2897 BCHùng Vương established the Hồng Bàng Dynasty in Vietnam (then known as Văn Lang). Fact|date=March 2008
*2890 BCEgypt: Pharaoh Qa'a died. End of First Dynasty, start of Second Dynasty. Pharaoh Hotepsekhemwy started to rule.
*2880 BC — Estimated germination of the Prometheus Tree
*2852 BC — The beginning of the period of the Three August Ones and Five Emperors in China.
*2832 BC — Estimated germination of the Methuselah tree.
*c. (2874 B.C.?) — The 365-day year was installed in ancient Egypt, with fixed lunar months of 30 days + 5 epagomenal days. [http://www.leidenuniv.nl/nino/aeb93/aeb93_8.html]
*2807 BC — Suggested date for an asteroid or comet impact occurring between Africa and Antarctica, around the time of a solar eclipse on May 10, based on an analysis of flood stories. Possibly causing the Burckle crater and Fenambosy Chevron. [ [http://abob.libs.uga.edu/bobk/ccc/cc022500.html Cambridge Conference Correspondence ] ] [ [http://www.nytimes.com/2006/11/14/science/14WAVE.html?pagewanted=2&_r=1&ref=science Did an Asteroid Impact Cause an Ancient Tsunami? - New York Times ] ]
*Ur becomes one of the richest cities in Sumer [ [http://www.iraqdirectory.com/en/aboutiraq.asp Iraq | Iraq Online Directory | Iraq Business Directory - About Iraq ] ]

ignificant persons

* Fu Hsi, legendary ruler of China (traditional dates: 2852 BC2738 BC)

Decades and years


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