SPA can refer to:
* SPA (band), a 1990's British band

As an abbreviation

*Substance P antagonist in biochemistry
* SPA, stimulation-produced analgesia, related to the GATE theory in physiology of pain
* Spa, the abbreviation for the orchid genus "Spathoglottis"
* saddle point approximation in quantum field theory
* Saudi Press Agency
* Sales and Purchase Agreement (legal term for selling a company)
* Sales Per Admission (in film exhibition; product/food sales per ticket sold)
* Science Practical Assessment, Singapore's assessment of students in science practicals
* School of Planning and Architecture, India's premier architecture and city-planning institution, located in Delhi
* Scottish Publishers Association, a trade association
* Secure Password Authentication
* Self-Propelled Artillery
* Sense Plan Act, artificial intelligence methodology, used in robotics
* Separation Party of Alberta
* Seven Party Mujahideen Alliance, alliance of Afghan mujahideen guerrillas against the Soviets
* simple power analysis, a type of cryptographic attack
* Single Packet Authorization
* Single Page Application, a web application that is entirely contained on the client-side (typically using a combination of HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets)
* Single Pitch Award, a qualification for the supervision of rock climbing awarded by the National Governing Bodies for Mountaineering in the UK
* Share purchase agreement, a contract to sell/buy shares
* Socialist Party of America
* Socialist Party of Australia
* Società per Azioni, abbreviated as "S.p.A.", Italian corporate form used by major public corporations quoted on the Italian stock exchange; similar to a joint stock company
* Société protectrice des animaux
* "Software Publishers Association", now known as the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA)
* Sp.a, the "Socialistische Partij - Anders" (Socialist Party - Differently), abbreviated as "SP.a", the socialist party in Flanders.
* Special Price Agreement, price agreement with vendor for specific project
* Special Protection Area, a European Union nature conservation designation.
* spontaneous platelet aggregation, a medical term used in connection with coagulation tests
* St. Paul Academy and Summit School, a private K-12 school in Saint Paul, Minnesota
* St Patrick's Athletic, a football (Soccer) club in Ireland
* Stochastic process algebra
* Società Piemontese Automobili, a Torino-based car manufacturer (1908-1926)
* Summer Performing Arts Company, a summer educational theatre program in Grand Forks, North Dakota
* Supreme People's Assembly, parliament of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea

ee also

* Spa (disambiguation)

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