Parliament of Galicia

Parliament of Galicia

The Parlamento de Galicia (Parliament of Galicia) is the Galician autonomous parliament.

Galicia is an Autonomous Community of Spain. The Galician Statute of Autonomy (1981) is the basic law for Galicia. It defines the devolved institutions, powers and civil services, and economic and taxation issues exercised through the Galician Parliament. The Parliament represents the people of Galicia and constitutes the first institution of the Autonomous Community from which all other governmental bodies derive. The Parliament has its seat in Galicia's capital city of Santiago de Compostela.

The Parliament:

* Exercises legislative power
* Controls the executive branch or Xunta de Galicia
* Has power over the budget of Galicia
* Approves Acts and Statutes
* Appoints the Senators for Galicia in the Spanish Senate
* Appoints the President of Galicia from among its members
* Demands accountability from the President and Government of Galicia
* Has the ability to propose State laws to the Spanish Parliament and request further enhancements of the autonomy and self-government via organic laws
* Sponsors constitutional lawsuits to protect its devolved powers before the Constitutional Court of Spain


The Parliament is composed of 75 deputies or Members of Parliament. The election of 19 June 2005 resulted in the following distribution:
* People's Party of Galicia ("Partido Popular de Galicia" - PPdeG-PP): 37 deputies.
* Socialist Party of Galicia ("Partido Socialista de Galicia" - PSdeG-PSOE): 25 deputies.
* Galician Nationalist Bloc ("Bloque Nacionalista Galego" - BNG): 13 deputies.

The President of the Parliament is Dolores Villarino Santiago (PSdeG-PSOE). First vice-president is Maria Tereixa Paz Franco (BNG), and second vice-president is Jaime Alberto Pita Varela (PP).

Former compositions

*I Legislature [cite web | title=Parlamento de Galicia - Former compositions | publisher=Parlamento de Galicia | url= | accessdate=2006-11-27 ] (1981):* President: Antonio Rosón Pérez
*II Legislature (1985):* President: Antonio Rosón Pérez, Tomás Pérez Vidal (from 13 may 1986)
*III Legislature (1989):* President: Victorino Núñez Rodríguez
*IV Legislature (1993):* President: Victorino Núñez Rodríguez
*V Legislature (1997):* President: José Mª García Leira
*VI Legislature (2001):* President: José Mª García Leira
*VII Legislature (2005):* President: Dolores Villarino Santiago


Pazo do Hórreo,
Rua do Hórreo 63,
15702 Santiago de Compostela, Galicia

External links

* [ Official site of the Parliament of Galicia] (in Galician and Spanish)

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