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In the fictional Marvel Comics universe, Avengers Mansion has traditionally been the base of the Avengers. The enormous, city block-sized building is located at 890 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City.

Creative origin

Accordingref|stan-lee to Stan Lee, who co-created the Avengers:

In real life, 890 Fifth Avenue is 1 East 70th Street, the location of the Frick Collection. The Frick's building is, indeed, a city block-sized former family home much like Avengers Mansion.

Fictional history and layout

When occupied, the mansion was originally the Stark family manor, until their only son, Tony Stark, inherited their fortune and soon took on the guise of Iron Man. He donated the mansion to the Avengers and had it financed through the charitable Maria Stark Foundation. It was primarily looked after by the Stark family butler, Edwin Jarvis, who not only took care of the mansion but also catered to the needs of the Avengers team. It served as a place to plan and strategize and a home for Avengers members when they needed it.

It had three above-ground floors and three basement floors. The first three floors were open to the public and had twelve rooms to house Avengers who wished to reside in the mansion, as well as Jarvis's quarters. A portion of the mansion's third floor served as a hangar for the Avengers' quinjets, their primary mode of transportation.

The three floors below ground were restricted to the public and had modified rooms for the Avengers' needs. Such rooms below ground were: Howard Stark's "Arsenal" chamber, the Avengers gym, Hawkeye's test-shooting room, the training room (much like the X-Mansion's Danger Room), the cryogenic storage area, and the ultra-secure assembly room.

The Mansion was surrounded by a wall twelve feet high and one foot thick, as well as an array of high-tech security defenses. A main feature of the defenses were large, restrictive coils. These were sometimes backed up by energy beams that shot out from the ground. Nonetheless, those defenses were often breached by the supervillains faced by the Avengers.

When Tony Stark was the United States' Secretary of Defense, the mansion's security systems were backed up by government forces.

The mansion's grounds featured an array of statues of past and present Avengers, constructed out of adamantium. The statues were destroyed in a battle with the Asgardian God, Loki.

One of the trees on the grounds used to hold a miniature lab belonging to Hank Pym.

The mansion has been destroyed twice. The first time was in "Avengers: Under Siege" when a huge grouping of Masters of Evil, led by Baron Helmut Zemo, attacked the Avengers and destroyed the Mansion and beat Hercules into a coma among other things before being repulsed.

In the immediate aftermath, the Avengers would relocate to a floating platform called Hydro-Base, while the former Mansion site became known as "Avengers Park", and was unused, until Hydro-Base too was destroyed.

The Mansion would be featured in a Damage Control story. The reconstruction firm was hired to refit and rebuild the mansion, a task they accomplished easily. Unfortunately they did not manage to move it as easily and it fell into one of New York's rivers.

Later, the Avengers built a new headquarters on the site of the Mansion and resided there until it was destroyed by the Gatherers, a team of alternate universe Avengers. Ute, a Watcher enslaved by the villain Proctor, brought an alternate reality version of the original Avengers Mansion to the site as a dying gift.

This replacement Mansion would survive various assaults until, in the "Avengers Disassembled" storyline, the Scarlet Witch was responsible for its destruction and in "Avengers Finale" (January 2005), Stark decided that with his dwindling assets, he could no longer afford to maintain the building and it was abandoned in its derelict state, left as a memorial to the Avengers who had died. Stark, using his considerable political and social influence, had the grounds declared a landmark by the city of New York. Since then, the Young Avengers have restored much of the statuary on the grounds of the mansion. The Avengers have relocated to Stark Tower, although it is unknown how permanent this move will be, especially in light of the events of Marvel's "Civil War" storyline, which causes the virtual splitting of the New Avengers down the line between those who were pro-registration and those who were against it.

Even after its destruction, the mansion remains a hub of superhuman activity. The Young Avengers were attacked by, and later defeated, Kang the Conqueror there.

During the highest tensions of the "Civil War" incident, Iron Man and Captain America meet at the ruins in order to talk things out. They tour the grounds and even find abandoned framed photographs of old allies. Former Avenger Clint Barton has made his way on to the grounds several times since then, most recently following Captain America's death. He meets with Tony Stark to discuss the implications of Steve Rogers' assassination.

Avengers Support Crew

*Alejandro "Pepe" DeMaxillio Pachecoissue - Avengers Compound groundskeeper; current whereabouts unknown
*Antony "Rider" Ovens ["Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #260] - member of the Teen Brigade; answered call from Rick Jones while imprisoned by Corruptor
*Arnold Roth ["Avengers" #300] - publicist; currently deceased
*William "Bill Foster (Giant-Man) ["Avengers" #32] - biochemist and Avengers Compound contractor; killed by Thor cyborg "Civil War" #4.
*Robert "Bob" Frank Jr. (Nuklo) ["Avengers" #311] - groundskeeper
*Buddy Sampson ["Marvel: Heroes & Legends '97"] - member of the Teen Brigade; current whereabouts unknown
*Carlos LeGrande Alvarez ["Avengers West Coast" #89] - Avengers Compound pool man; currently deceased
*Charles "Charlie" Wallace ["Incredible Hulk" #6] - member of the Teen Brigade; current whereabouts unknown
*Consuela Sanchez ["Avengers West Coast" #77] - Avengers Compound housekeeper and nanny to Rachel Carpenter; current whereabouts unknown.
*Daniella Tomaz ["Avengers West Coast" #63] - nurse; current whereabouts unknown
*David Cannon ["The Avengers" #46] - used the identity "Charles Matthews"; Janet van Dyne's chauffeur, later fired ["Marvel Feature" #9]
*Deri Bannerjee ["Avengers" #329] - UN liaison; current whereabouts unknown
*Diane Arliss Newell ["Avengers" #300] - secretary; wife of Walter
*Donald Blakeissue - physician; current whereabouts unknown
*Donna Maria Puentes ["Avengers" #311] - administrator; would later become receptionist; current whereabouts unknown
*Duane Jerome Freeman (federal security liaison to the Avengers) ["Avengers" vol. 3 #4] - also a member of the Triune Understanding; he was killed in Kang's destruction of Washington ["Avengers" vol. 3 #49] .
*Edwin Jarvis ["Tales of Suspense" #59] - butler and chief of staff; former butler of the Starks; recently revealed to have been replaced by a Skrull ["Secret Invasion" #1] ; current whereabouts unknown
*Elsa Hunter ["West Coast Avengers" #45] - governess to Thomas and William Maximoff; current whereabouts unknown
*Emerson Bale (lawyer) ["Avengers" #190] - current status and whereabouts unknown
*Emma Caitlyn Hegyes ["West Coast Avengers" #46] - Avengers Compound Cook; current whereabouts unknown
*Eric Masterson (Thunderstrike)issue - architect; currently deceasedissue
*Ernest Oliver Carrothersissue - chauffeur to Janet van Dyne; current whereabouts unknown
*Fabian Stankowicz ["Captain America" #354] - machinesmith; would later become known as the Machinesmith creating robotic Avengers; defeated by Jarvisissue
*Florence "Candy" Stephens ["Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #260] - member of the Teen Brigade; answered call from Rick Jones while imprisoned by Corruptor
*Francis Barnum ["Avengers Annual" #19] - construstion worker; current whereabouts unknown
*Franz Anton (one-time biochemical consultant) ["Avengers" #30] - current whereabouts and status unknown
*Gary Tomasi ["Avengers" vol. 3 #61] - kitchen staff; current whereabouts unknown
*Genji Odashu ["Avengers" #300] - pilot; current whereabouts unknown
*Gilbert Vaughn ["Avengers" #300] - physicist; currently deceased
*Major Gordon Kenneth Carlson ["Avengers" #29] - one-time physician; current whereabouts unknown
*Grant "Specs" McIntosh ["Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #260] - member of the Teen Brigade; answered call from Rick Jones while imprisoned by Corruptor
*Halliwell DePinnaissue - architect; current whereabouts unknown
*Hector Jonathan Sandrose ["USAgent" #1] - Avengers Compound communications chief; current whereabouts unknown
*Helen Bachman ["West Coast Avengers" #43] - nanny to Thomas and William Maximoff; current whereabouts unknown
*Henry Peter Gyrich ["Avengers" #165] - National Security Council liaison; currently working at Camp Hammond ["Avengers: The Initiative" #1]
*Henry Pym - Avengers Compound major domo and biochemist; recently revealed to be replace by a Skrull ["Secret Invasion" #1]
*Dr Hjarmal Frederick Svenson ["Avengers" #14] - one-time surgeon; current status unknown
*Ian Burch ["New Warriors" #72] - accountant; current whereabouts unknown
*Inger Sullivan ["Avengers" #300] - lawyer; current status unknown
*Jack Bale ["Avengers Annual" #19] - construction foreman; current whereabouts unknown
*James Campbell ["Avengers" #378] - European monitor station caretaker; currently deceased
*James Murch ["Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" #1] - federal security liaison; current whereabouts unknown
*Jane Foster ["Avengers" #17] - team physician
*Janice Imperato ["Avengers" #56] - Maria Stark Foundation accountant; current whereabouts unknown
*Jeryn Hogarth ["Avengers" #190] - lawyer; current whereabouts unknown
*Joachin St Cruz Mendez ["West Coast Avengers" #12] - Avengers Compound chief groundskeeper; current whereabouts unknown
*John Jameson ["Captain America" #358] - pilot; married to Jennifer Walters
*Jorge Latham ["Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition" #1] - Avengers Compound mechanic; current whereabouts unknown
*Juan El-Marco Mercado ["Avengers" #302] - Avengers Compound communications; current whereabouts unknown
*K.C.Ritter (Sam Casey) ["Captain Marvel" #51] - member of the Teen Brigade; current whereabouts unknown
*Keith Kincaid ["Captain America" #353] - physician; married Jane Foster
*Lauren Timm ["Avengers West Coast" #47] - governess to William and Thomas Maximoff; current whereabouts unknown
*M’Daka ["Avengers" #311] - mechanic; current whereabouts unknown
*Marilla ["Avengers" #343] - nanny of Luna Maximoff; killed by Tony Starkissue
*Maxwell Caton ["Avengers" #56] - Maria Stark Foundation chief accountant; current whereabouts unknown
*Michael Costello ["Avengers" #270] - lawyer; current whereabouts unknown
*Michael O’Brien ["Avengers" #301] - security chief; current whereabouts unknown
*Mikhail "Mike" Armstrong ["Captain Marvel" #51] - member of the Teen Brigade; current whereabouts unknown.
*Paul Edmonds ["Avengers" #227] - psychiatrist; current whereabouts unknown
*Paul Owen Withers ["Avengers" #314] - construction manager; current whereabouts unknown
*Peggy Carter ["Avengers" #302] - communications chief; current whereabouts unknown
*Percy Stevens ["Avengers Annual" #19] - construction worker; current status unknown
*Rachel Leighton (Diamondback)issue - Captain America’s secretary
*Ramon Trigo ["Avengers West Coast" #58] - Avengers Compound groundskeeper; current whereabouts unknown
*Raymond Sikorski ["Avengers" #235] - National Security Council liaison
*Rick Jonesissue - Teen Brigade leader; honorary Avengers member; former sidekick to the Superheroes; currently known as the Abomination
*Roberto Carlos ["West Coast Avengers" #46] - Avengers Compound butler; current whereabouts unknown
*Roberto DeSalvo Gonzago ["Avengers West Coast" #89] - Avengers Compound gardener; current wherabouts unknown
*Rosilita "Lita" Torres ["Solo Avengers" #12] - Avengers Compound maid; current whereabouts unknown
*Roy Sanford ["Avengers West Coast" #63] - physician; current whereabouts unknown
*Scott Lang (Ant-Man)issue - electronics expert; killed by Jack of Hearts under the influence of an insane Scarlet Witchissue
*Talia Kruma ["Avengers" #300] - physicist; current whereabouts unknown
*Theodore "Ted" Sinclair ["Avengers" #13] - Teen Brigade member; current whereabouts unknown
*Timothy Costelloissue - lawyer; current whereabouts unknown
*Timothy "Wheels" Wakelin ["Incredible Hulk" vol. 2 #260] - member of the Teen Brigade; answered call from Rick Jones while imprisoned by Corruptor
*Thomas "Tom" Smith ["Avengers" #6] - Teen Brigade member; turned bitter and tried to kill Rick Jones; current whereabouts unknown
*Walter Newell (Stingray)issue - oceanographer; currently working at Camp Hammond ["Avengers: The Initiative" #1]
*William "Bill" Bishop ["Avengers" #1] - Teen Brigade member; currently a police officer
*William "Willie" Maximillian ["Avengers" #1] - Teen Brigade member; current whereabouts unknown
*Yolanda Cruz Russo ["West Coast Avengers" #40] - Avengers Compound groundskeeper; current whereabouts unknown
*Zachary Moonhunter ["Captain America" #409] - pilot; current whereabouts unknown


"Marvel Super Heroes' Guide to New York City." Discovery Channel.


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